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JanuaryGirl 09-21-06 01:07 PM

The Bell Jar
Anyone else read this classic novel? I can see so much of myself in the central character. The part that sticks out most in my mind is the part on the beach when she puts her shoes in the water, well would take alot to explain but i'm sure fans of this book will remember this part.

whyshouldilive 09-21-06 05:49 PM

nope...sorry i have never even heard of it...was it good???

le soleil 09-21-06 08:22 PM

the bell jar has been my absolute favorite book for the past 8 years. i raved about this book for so long that i actually gave my 2 copies to 2 friends so they could get a chance to read it.

i do need to buy another copy.

have you read anything else by sylvia plath? have you read any of the biographies written about her. have you seen the movie sylvia?

JanuaryGirl 09-22-06 05:27 PM

I really recommend it 'whyshouldilive'. Yes i have her collected poetry, my favourite poem of hers is 'daddy' its very angry and moving at the same time, i also have a collected works of short stories called 'johnny panic and the diary of dreams' i think, i say that because i have yet to read it and may be getting the title wrong as i'm in a confused state at the moment. I recomend her poetry though, the pictures she paints with words are beautiful.
I also like Prozac nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel, i find alot of similarities with that and the bell jar, i also read 'more, now, again' which is about her strugle with drug addiction, its kind of a follow up to prozac nation, i got that book signed by Elizabeth herself which is kinda cool. Really sad that the movie of Prozac nation has been shelved, was really looking forward to seeing that, Christina Ricci was playing Elizabeth, would of been a great movie i think, hoping that maybe they'll release it later x

le soleil 09-23-06 09:43 AM

you can rent or purchase prozac nation. it's even been on television. i'm not a fan of the movie. cristina ricci seemed absoultely catatonic, and unconvincing.

now, i used to work in a book store and we were allowed to check out books, so i read prozac nation. i'll be honest, i did not like it at all. ms. wurtzel is very self-obsessed and whiney. i've even read a few other books by her as well and felt like throwing things.

the sylia plath biopic isn't much better. but i recommend watching both prozac nation or sylvia atleast once.

have you read girl interrupted?

iris45211 10-04-06 03:04 PM

I love the book The Bell Jar. I am a huge fan of Sylvia PLath. I think that she was a very sad but inspired writer. I too can relate to her in so many ways. I am sorry that she is no longer here with us. I wish sometimes that she would have been able to find some type of support. I see myself as Esther Greenwood sometimes. My last OD attempt (which has been a little while ago...yeah for me) I kept thinking of the part where she goes into the crawl space and takes the pills. Only someone who has truly been there can relate in the way that she did.

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