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rosa_sanguina 09-17-06 03:59 PM

Applied for a modeling job, but I'm too fat.
Yesterday i went to apply for a modeling job at a shop that has fashion shows. I'm 5' 7'' and 140 lbs.


I haven't gotten a callback, but then, i only went yesterday. I should stop eating so much. Every day I eat so much....i should start skipping a meal a day.

What do you guys think?


tiggrr 09-17-06 04:16 PM

Sounds like a bad idea. If you want to loose weight, why not do it the healthy way. You've got time. You're young, you could take a year to loose the weight you want and reapply. Those jobs will always be there. Don't judge yourself by others standards. Everybody is different.

dea 09-17-06 04:24 PM

Rosa . ive no idea what your weight / height ratio is but i kinda get the feeling that your not at all fat. i feel that you needed this modeling job to prove to yourself that you are attractive. ( i may be wrong ) but do you have any idea how totally false these things are? not beeing accepted for a modeling job is what most of us could expect if we went in for it. why is that so important to you.? whats important is the person inside. Did you know that your face , body , posture etc will reflect the way that you feel inside. and no matter how beautiful on the outside, if the inside feels like shit so that is what your outside will show. in the same way , if you are beautiful on the inside, that is what people will see on the outside. forget modeling my love. instead concentrate on the beautiful person that you are on the inside.here for you. love dea

boulevard-traveler 09-17-06 07:31 PM

Rosa, if it makes you feel better, I heard that a show in Spain is turning down women that are too thin.

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