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The Weary Templar 11-22-21 05:46 PM

Good News For A Change
Hello everyone hope you are all doing well,

Recently I was able to acquire my second learner's permit for my license and can now legally drive on my own and own a car, I am only able to drive within my province and have to wait about a year to try for the full license and drive anywhere in and out of my country. My father, who still feels guilty about the difficult divorce between my mother, had helped me purchase an older vehicle in nice shape and it runs quite well, if anything it does need the radio replaced as the CD drive doesn't push them out quite enough upon ejecting the disks. I feel more motivated to find a job and pay back my father for the help he's given me, I honestly told him to skip getting me a birthday present and a Christmas present because he's already given me so much with the car. It's quite liberating and relieving to be able to drive by myself whenever I need to instead of being reliant on others, I don't feel like as much of a leech now and I have some sense of my independence for a change. Hopefully, this is a sign of positive change in the future and I can get myself back on track for success.

Hope everyone is taking good care of themselves :).

diaper gal 11-28-21 10:32 AM

that is great news. congrats

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