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goldeni007 06-16-21 03:01 AM

Confusion and pain
Even after I gave my RM a full washcloth with soap and foot bath and massage and taking care of his feet . All my RM is upset when I tried to say my bf is dumb in not wanting take anytime he has off to spend with me even after asking me to find anything I had old Facebook messages with his open- relationship with his ex gf which I never agree to my own bf to start dating and lying for between 2015 until 2020 which he had even lied to his own mother who I had a good relationship as his girlfriend with his own mother . Than my own boyfriend had a issue with the court case with the same ex gf while that same bf even came to my father wake after my own father even paid respect with me at my own same boyfriend's his father funeral which was not so good because we barely started dated back in 2013 .

Yet my roommate is getting his own feet washed and cleaned by me and saying that I should "shut the f up about stuff !!" My rm starts getting loud with me Even though he tells me now a days that my own bf is such a fool to not want to be cared by me like xx and could not keep himself ready when my own roommate is always able to do it . With no strings attached. so this very stupid on how my own RM is treating me and than also I was told by my same RM on how we made a dealing to keep the intimacy between him and I and that good deal that " I will stop raising my voice ; if I do that I can get more intimacy which is fine by me . " We could have fun each day and every day and at night before we both go to bed in our own beds in different parts of the apartment." so I have a feeling that I messed up our relationship as friends with benefits are pushing to far to what it could normal . since his own girlfriend texted me saying that she rather have stop meeting random males from online and just have xx with her own boyfriend which is also my own roommate .

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