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dletond 04-08-21 04:16 PM

Facing Our Own Challenges
Life is full of ups and downs, one day, you may feel like you have it all figured out. Then, at a moment’s notice, you’ve been thrown a curveball. Everyone has experienced difficulties in life, the important thing is to overcome them. Could you share some good tips to follow when the going gets tough?

daftone 04-11-21 02:34 PM

1. See life as easy; see challenges as surmountable.
Every complicated or difficult thing can be broken down to a very simple, albeit very long, chain of steps.
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."—Lao Tzu
So take it step by step.
And if you don't know what your first step is, write down what you want to do and work backwards how to get there. Your brain will help you figure out the first step from there.

2. Pair music to what you are doing to be able to keep doing it. It puts you in the mindset for whatever you're doing.
Video game music works for creative projects; energetic music works for any sort of energetic activity.

3. If you lost someone, keeping a routine can help you heal. Fill that routine with positive things that will help you. Action inspires habit, which creates the routine.

Those are just some things off the top of my head. There's also a thread by Quiet1 with stuff that may help:

dletond 04-12-21 10:33 AM

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
In your life, what is the greatest difficulty you have experienced?

daftone 04-12-21 11:18 PM

I have a chronic illness and, I guess, my own mind.

In a way, being afraid of difficulty was a challenge in itself. I used to think that the best way to thrive was to just be super smart and never have to work hard at anything. Then I realized I'm not super smart; I'm just ordinary smart. Because of that I had extremely low self worth and got depressed and had to overcome that.

The chronic illness throws curveballs at me now and then but I'm lucky to live in a country with good healthcare.

How about yourself?

GigglyLife 04-16-21 03:41 PM

When the going gets tough, I make sure that I keep my cool and not let problems take the best of me.

dletond 04-19-21 01:27 PM

When things get out of hand, maybe getting help from a professional is a wise thing to do. Does any of you have any experience with a therapist or counselor?

daftone 04-20-21 11:06 AM

Very briefly.

I used to be much more shy, and the thing that mildly sucks about that is that's when I needed help the most, and I changed my mind when the opportunity presented.
I waited a long time through a referral process and when I got in contact with a therapist, I just changed my mind about doing it. And that was that.

These days I don't consider people my best teachers. I have a long personal history of just failing to be attentive. My recent one on one with an instructor comes to mind. If I'd been in a situation where I could write down stuff he was saying I might have had more benefit from it.
There's something about just reading books that I think is intrinsically more helpful to me. It's probably cheaper too. But I don't know if that sort of thing applies to most people; I don't think I'd give someone the advice "screw therapy because books are cheaper," because that might be a very harmful thing to impart to some people. Surely though people just learn in different ways and some learn in better ways than others.

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