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D1zzy 09-22-09 05:20 AM

I didn't go to my therapy session. I didn't go to school either. I have a paper about politics that I have to write to tomorrow, and it is very important for my norwegian grade. and today Im so anxious that I rly cant think straight. Im afraid I'll cut. Im afraid that my therapist will call me and ask me of why i didnt show up, couse I don't know what to say. Im afraid friends will come by and see me like this. Im afraid of everything :(

brandysnap 09-22-09 05:24 AM

dizzy - just tell your therapist how you were feeling - about not showing up
do your norwegian paper to the best of your ability
if they are ur real friends they will understand -

((((((((((((((((dizzy))))))))))))))))) I know how you feel - honestly. TAKE IT STEP BY STEP - DONT BE FRIGHTENED - WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU brandyxxxx

hydiidepressio 09-22-09 02:06 PM

Dizzy, Brandys right, tell therapist truth.

We are thinking good thoughts for you.


Mitza 09-24-09 05:00 PM

Aw.. I'm sorry you feel so bad, Dizzy.. Can you talk to your teacher and say you were sick, get it post poned a few days? Try to talk to your therapist. He/she is there to help you. (((((((((Dizzy)))))))))))))
And remember to b r e a t h e. <3

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