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tigerlover 02-26-21 07:55 AM

what does being in a state of happiness means to us?
I often wonder why people feel so misereable in their life??is it a lack of contentment?is it anger?anxiety?low self esteem?I might go deeper into this subject==feel free to comment your own opinions:smile:

gggsarah 03-04-21 08:26 AM

Free from worry. I find when I'm less anxious my general mental state improves and my depression sinks into the background. I can experience happiness then. :smile:

daftone 03-05-21 02:57 PM

Most recently I seem to feel the worst when I set goals for myself and don't follow up daily and actually make some progress towards accomplishing them.

I recently started believing that maybe happiness isn't a goal but rather a means. 'The journey is the destination' and all that jazz. I choose to be happy so I can devote energy to bringing happiness to other people in my own way.

Doesn't always work, but making a point to at least try to be happy every day is generally helping me form a habit of it.

dletond 03-22-21 05:19 PM

Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. When people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happiness.

NRebeccaS 03-23-21 02:58 AM

I am happiest when I am able to forget myself - there is no pain, nagging thoughts, or acute problems that I have to reflect on or that force themselves into my mind.

Being in motion can help - exercising or just riding a bike or walking outside. Being absorbed in something interesting to look at. (A wood pigeon is sitting on her eggs just outside my kids' bedroom window.)

Making music - being in the flow as Kenny Werner and others have described it. It's not me playing, it's the music manifesting itself through my body. I am not really there, or at least, I am not doing anything. Those are moments of happiness.

I personally have no experience that indicates that happiness is a state that can be achieved - like a wallpaper that is always there and affects the whole character of the room you live in, so to speak.

I think the best we can aim for is to experience moments of happiness - just a couple a day to remind ourselves that it is possible. Maybe this can be practiced and thus gotten better at?

amberp 05-14-21 02:45 AM

There are a lot of worries around, a lot of problems. Things that should make our lives easier, make them harder. Hence even more worries. You have to be able to fill your life with things that are meaningful, not just everything. That way there are fewer problems, and we can focus on what's important.*

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