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42gami 01-26-21 08:12 AM

42 goals for 42gami. A lot but bear with me!
Many seem small but I never expected to get this far with life:

1. Learn Japanese and be fully fluent (Already learning and doing well! Japanese fluent forums seem to praise me on my progress each time :hug:)
2. Relearn my original language - Tagalog (Moved to another country early in life so I lost a lot of my culture)
3. Animate a short film - 10 mins at least.
4. Go to a cafe and do work on a laptop (I'm an indoor person, wanting to change that.)
5. Get a high score in the arcade!
6. Finally get that wall climbing car from the arcade prizes! (I always get close but get 100 tickets short!)
7. Go to a Smash Bros Tournament!
8. Get to the top three in a Smash Bros. Tournament.
9. Get my first self-owned console!
10. Gacha whale for the first time! (Dumb goal, yeah LOL.)
11. Further my following on socials with my art!
12. Get my first commission!
13. Post a cover of my favourite song! No matter how crappy it is.
14. Make a comic/webtoon!
15. Further my understanding of programming languages! (I already have learnt Python but I need to further my understanding.)
16. Learn morse code :0
17. Buy and build my own computer (Hand-downs suck but they're cost effective!)
18. Rig a model (You may have heard of the VTuber craze lately? I want to make one for someone one day!)
19. Work for a big animation studio!
20. Meet my friend in Korea (She's currently studying Korean in university. She plans on becoming an English teacher in Korea.)
21. Further my art to become more dynamic
22. Go to a convention in cosplay at least once (A shameful wishful thinking I've had forever. I've wanted to cosplay at least once.)
23. Watch my favourite rappers LIVE!
24. Travel to more countries! (My family travelled a lot before I was born. I missed out on a lot so yeah.)
25. Collaborate with my favourite animator/rapper/artist!
26. Eat at least 100 different kinds of mochi.
27. Eat different countries' street food.
28. Face my fear of heights and go bungee jumping!
29. Go to that rollercoaster I was terrified of and ride it with my friends.
30. Meet my favourite voice actress.
31. Collect at least 50 books about Greek Mythology.
32. Read the whole of the H.P Lovecraft collection.
33. Write a story!
34. Make a mock anime opening.
35. Finally move on from FireAlpaca to a better art program.
36. Get a Cintiq tablet model! Y'know, the ones with the screens?
37. Become a casual youtuber.
38. Teach people how to animate!
39. Buy designer clothes with my own money.
40. Give money I earned to my family in the Philippines.
41. Keep at least one item of emotional value until the end of my life.
42. Cut my hair to the short length I've always wanted. (I hate getting my hair long.)

It's a lot. Some of them are small but y'know, they're things I never had time or freedom to do. Or I'm to embarrassed to do them.

Xerxes 01-30-21 08:24 PM

That’s a lot of goals!

Which ones do you think you’ll try to accomplish first?

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