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Imsosad 10-18-20 12:47 AM

better than before
so, i'm no longer as sad as i used to be. i still struggle sometimes but i'm no longer as suicidal and i've actually found a group of friends that treat me well. i don't think i could have done it without resources like these. medication and therapy also helped a lot as well. don't get me wrong, a lot of trauma has happened since my last post from around three to four years ago. but, i'm coping the best way i can. my mom has also learned to accept me for my sexuality! i no longer identify as pansexual because the way i was using the term ended up being transphobic (no shade to anyone who indentifies as pan, i was just in the wrong about it personally). i now identify as bisexual :)

things will get better :) it just takes a little bit of time and a good support system


dletond 11-10-20 03:36 PM

Happy for you, everything will be okay soon

lucid lunacy 11-14-20 12:51 AM

It's always nice to hear that it got better for someone. Hope it keep going that way for you :)

GigglyLife 01-11-21 01:36 PM

that's great news, I am happy for you

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