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haze 08-05-20 12:57 PM

I found my way back too....
Hello everyone,
It's been 12 years since I have been on here and the world has changed dramatically in that time.
Anyone that does remember me will remember my mum (HippyDee) she passed away in October last year which distroyed me but I have really been struggling with life again now for a number of years.
Since last being on here I got married, lost a child just after birth and now have 2 youngish children and got divorced, as I said life has changed dramatically lol.

I hope to find support and to be able to support others here

haze 08-05-20 01:18 PM

Just looked mums user name of Dea not HippyDee 🤦

Road Ratt 08-06-20 10:30 AM

Hey haze, welcome back. :wave:

TTL has slowed way down. We get old members showing back up from time to time. But, sadly, the site is so dead they don't usually stick around very long.

haze 08-06-20 12:59 PM

Hi Road Ratt, thats really sad to hear. This place and its members helped so much, it was a hub of wonderful people helping eachother. I say with hope that maybe we all found happiness enough to come away from here.
This place was my lifeline and I really hoped it was still here as it was before x

tigerlover 08-18-20 08:00 AM

its a true fact that TTL has gone down so badly,people don't post anymore like they used to [email protected]=regarding your posting=just start posting again=we all struggle with life and it's always a boost up if we can tell what troubles us=life can be very dramatic,but the point which keeps us going is self esteem,despite all the shit we have to face..relationships,marriage,kids,parents,life problems...well..all of us go through these issues sometimes...we appreciate your honest openhearted posting in here,haze...take care..

haze 09-08-20 05:25 AM

Thank you TigerLover, I appreciate your reply! Life is hard, I was hoping for the community with distractions like before but never mind 🤗 I found this place an escape when I was feeling low but there is never any members online when I come on as a distraction unfortunately. Take care xx

Soulsearcher 09-28-20 03:15 AM

Hello hope all is well.
People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on. :)

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