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Starborn 07-29-20 04:59 PM

Hello TTL Community
First I want to say Thank You for having a site like this available for people like me to find support for mental health issues.

That being said

My name is irrelevant, who I am is also irrelevant. I am your neighbor your grocer your mailman your manager your co worker your father your mother your sister brother etc...

We are all suffering from these issues we deal with and when we arrive to a site like this it is because we feel we have no one to turn to with this. Many time we need a ear to hear and a mind to see our side and let us know we aren't that crazy...

My story begins when I was very young child. I was very open interactive and opposite a introvert. As a child I was always told not to talk about certain things I was acutely aware of many of which were spiritual higher truths the avg 5 year old shouldn't know let alone be award of. I did not listen and spoke about where I came from and my experiences to anyone who would listen (still do to third day 34 years later) but that lead me into a lifetime of pshyce meds and "treatment".

I have grown to distrust many esp doctors with regards to meds at one point 22different ones. I'm paranoid schizophrenic with bi polar manic depression.

I tend to think I'm just different not crazy but I'm not the expert they say.

But whom is???? None not even me or you. We are all in this ocean captain of our ships and regardless the storms it is up to us as the captains to continue to our destination.

I just hope to help others and get help from others here as well.

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