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hottea654 04-18-20 01:18 AM

I found $3500 on the side of the road
Yesterday I saw what I thought was a wallet laying on the side of the road when I was returning home from bicycling. I turned around to be sure. It WAS a wallet, with a scattering of money, 20's and 100's in the ditch that had poured out of it. There was even more inside! I gathered it up as best I could, even chased a few bills down the road that were blowing in the wind. I took all of it home to figure out about it all. I counted it out... $3,500. WOW!!! First off, who carries $3500 in cash around in their wallet?

I wanted to use it for myself, to fix my car and pay some bills. Especially in this day of the virus scare and since I'm off the clock from work for having a medical event at work... it would be such a help. I considered throwing out the ID and cards in it, just keeping the cash. I thought, if you never tell anyone where you got it, nobody will ever question and it will be so helpful! It sounded SOO good, but the more I thought about it I found I couldn't. What if that was my money that was lost, or if I was an employer and that was to pay 4 people for a week of work? What if that was to feed my children or pay my bills for the month? There's enough pain and need out there already. I choose to do right. I will go tomorrow to the home on the license and hopefully find the owner of the wallet.

That much money doesn't fall out of the sky, much as I wish it would. I am glad to do the right thing for someone else.

Aries 04-18-20 08:33 AM

hottea654~I had that happen to me; once. I found a wallet with monies in it. I decided to take it to the local police department. They asked me for my information & including my phone number. I never did get a call to even a thank you. The moral of my story is that I did the right thing. Now, you are doing the same. Besides a thank you for being honest, I sincerely hope YOU get something a bit more to help you out, since you've helped someone else out. :hug:

It's always good to hear, that there's honest people (still) within our world. May many blessing's & help come to you for what you've helped someone else.:hug:

hottea654 04-24-20 01:07 AM

Aries, good DID come from returning the wallet! I looked around on the internet for a while to find more information about the possible owner of the wallet, found a phone number, and chose to call. I went with my husband after arranging a meeting time with the owner. It turns out he is a small business auto mechanic shop owner. He was SOOO grateful to me for being honest, and it sounded like the 3500 was the majority of the money he had brought in for the month so far. He has a family of 4 kids and his wife, too. He was so thankful that he gave me $1000 of the money and told me he will work on my car for no charge. What a blessing for for my choice to do right!! I felt much better when I did the right thing then I did when I was acting on the desire to keep the money for myself. Plus I think I received nearly as much in return for giving all of what I found back as I would have if I kept it and paid for car repairs with it instead.

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