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Aries 04-16-20 10:34 AM

The Dentist...
I used to never be afraid nor have any anxiety with a(ny) dentist. Now, as I've become (much) older, the anxiety is just "out of control" with seeing one. Also, I do have extremely bad TMJ & grind my teeth when I sleep. A mouth guard doesn't work for me unfortunately.

Here's my story. Many year's back, I became very sick, my teeth were rotting in my mouth (turning black) because I had vomited so much & had major surgery. I wasn't able to see the dentist, because I was only 82 pounds & they refused to work on my teeth being in such depleted health. So, I finally gained some weight, about 10 pounds & needed to have the work started/done. The one dentist, she was so marvelous, she was kind, caring & seriously took the time to get me through almost $35,000.00 worth of dental work that I had to have. She truly got me through it all. I couldn't have asked for a better dentist.

Now, I got bounced around, with a few more dentist's, because she ended up going to open her own practice (along with her husband) that was about 1 hour away from me. I didn't have transportation to travel that far. They opened a place, closer to me. I went & got comfortable with a different dentist. That one left as well, shortly after less than 6 months with the company. Then I got 1 more. The same thing happened. Now I'm just getting "frustrated" that every time I get used to one dentist, their bedside manners & how they are patient with my massive anxiety, they either leave or open up their own business's too far away from me. I haven't seen one, in almost 1 year plus, due to an emergency surgery I had last year.

I'm terrified to go see, yet another (new) one for my cleaning & cavities. I get SO scared, my heart races, feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack. I already have irregular heart beats, so that makes it even more difficult for myself to stay calm! I also start breathing faster, even when they're just "poking around." It's like I'm waiting for them to "hit something." I almost, the very last time, got the inside of my mouth opened up. They were filling a cavity & when it was being drilled, I wasn't completely numb. I ended up moving & almost had the drill take out the inside of my cheek. Even the dentist had to "back up" after that one happened, because I scared him so badly. They don't sedate an individual, based on just getting a cavity or two filled.

I'm truly nervous to go in this time. I think a cracked a huge filling I have. It's becoming more uncomfortable, when I accidently bite down or chew something on that side of my mouth. It's got some pain/discomfort when I do. It's already a huge filling & they told me, year's ago, it may not hold up for year's, due to the size of it. I'm not a person that can listen to a radio or have something "in my ear" while they're drilling me. The fear, so over comes me, that they're going to drill too far, or "crack" something that I panic.

Even the one time, they tried to give me Valium, before the appointment, trying to keep me calmer. Let's just say, that it didn't work, they did the work anyways & I had to endure 5 injection's just to get that part of my mouth (completely) numb. That's the other painful aspect of the dentist. Those injections hurt SO badly, even when they place the pre-numbing gel on your gums! Then, they start moving the needle around in your gum's or jaw's. They've hit a nerve with me, more than a few time's, because my TMJ'S so badly, that it feels like an electrical volt & I jump. Of course, that doesn't help my issue's either.

I mean, right now, I'm "lucky" (not literally) because of the Coronavirus going around & most business's are closed. I was planning on going, before this started, but that didn't happen. Anyone got any helpful or useful suggestion's that may/might help? I truly would appreciate them!

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