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xXFaiaEmburemXx 03-20-20 08:00 PM

Work won’t let me take off despite living with a family member at high risk for COVID
The first case of the Coronavirus has been discovered in my town and lucky me, I work at the grocery store in town. I still live with my folks so I’m with them while all the schools are shut down. My parents want me to take off work so that I don’t kill them. My father has a very weak immune system and I don’t want to kill him. Work refuses to let me have the time off. I feel like I’m putting other peoples’ lives at risk for minimum wage and have no way out. I have the weekend off before I go back. What should I do? My manager makes the schedule ahead of time and we’re not allowed to ask off when its already made. I have never called in sick and have a clean attendance record (never missed a day). My boss said if I take off, they will cut my hours drastically. I feel torn when I probably shouldn’t. This is my first job and there is nowhere else that would hire me in this tiny town. Even though I wash my hands and shower as soon as I come home before doing anything else, I still feel like I’m putting them at risk. What should I do? What can I even do?

Banshee 03-26-20 09:35 PM

Work won't let you take off
Hi -
Wow! I am very surprised at how your boss is acting. This isn't right! You shouldn't be forced to work when there is clearly a risk at hand. I can't seem to come up with a solution to this problem, but it's just wrong.

Maybe can you try calling your Mayor's office? Most towns are on some sort of a shut down schedule, shorter working hours or something. Call your unemployment office too, just to see where they stand on you being able to file a claim if you end up quitting or getting fired. Since the game plan these days is to be socially distanting...

I can understand that he needs you - someone - to fill the position, but in fairness, you should have a right to refuse due to the circumstances. Put an ad in the local newspaper, the "Your Opinion" column or where ever it can get noticed. For that matter, just tell this story to a newspaper editor or your local TV news and the answer may come to be the talk of the town.

This is a tough one for you, I wish you the best of luck. Sorry I can't really help!-

TooMuch 04-04-20 08:41 PM

Does your mom and dad know this? If itís a small town and Iím assuming your a teenager, this boss should know the situation with your parents. Why donít you want to quit then? Did you tell the boss your parents have immunity problem and because you living with them you donít want to bring co vid ? Is a couple of dollars worth it? A lot of people working scared now I know. Just feel like quitting would be the best option. Idk what to say. If you get your dad sick...it would be a terrible feeling. Heís obviously worried if heís asking you to quit. Idk..maybe someone else on here will have a better viewpoint. Hope this helps.:hug:

Prycejosh1987 12-15-20 12:10 PM

Use a face mask and hand sanitiser.

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