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Oxygen 08-23-19 06:09 AM

I can't sleep
I can't sleep!
I drank 2 cans of Coca-Cola with Korean BBQ at about 12PM. It's 4AM now. I'm not feeling tired one bit.
I hate myself, and I cannot seem to do anything other than hate myself for this stupid mistake.

ayesha23 08-23-19 09:27 AM

I hope you get some sleep soon.

what else do you usually try when you can't sleep

Oxygen 08-23-19 01:23 PM

Hi, ayesha23.
I got some sleep at 6AM.

ayesha23 08-24-19 01:59 PM

I am glad.

I hope that sleeping becomes easier. I struggle too a lot of the time

Trygve 11-10-19 02:16 AM

Well, forgive yourself and next time do it differently.

"Coca-Cola" was my poison of choice, after I gave up the true love, alcohol, and was a source of my insomnia. Once I gotten rid of it (no comp two hours before going to bed either, some light stretching before tucking myself in) I started to sleep like a baby.

dletond 04-20-20 02:40 PM

you should avoid coffee, soda, and sweets a few hours before going to sleep.

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