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giannischrysos 08-03-19 04:46 PM

Travel. It heals the soul.
Indeed, travelling can be a self-soul healing process but also costs.
The point is to have fun and create beautiful moments, firstly for you, but also with your friends, family or the love of your life.
In my experience of travelling throught many places in Greece, iíve met new people, made new friends, photoshooted many places from which i can tell many Ė many beautiful stories and also created a souvenir collection from the places iíve visited so far.
So, basically go travel.
Donít invest on new fancy clothes, cellphone, shoes and in general donít invest in materealistic stuff.
Youíll create a new you, without even noticing it.

Have a nice day! :wave:

tigerlover 08-04-19 07:11 AM

agree 500% with you Giannischrysos!!
i am going for a trip to Java,maybe Bali(Indonesia)next month...
travelling enlightens our horizons and our insight towards people we meet ocassionaly..
i met lots of new friends on my trips through Japan,Malaysia,Borneo,Sri Lanka,Romania and so on..i started travelling in 1970 and i still travell on..:smile:

giannischrysos 08-05-19 04:49 AM

I hope you get the best memories of your journey!
Have a nice day!

tigerlover 10-09-19 03:47 AM

Java(Indonesia)was a blast...people are extremely helpfull and friendly
Jakarta is a test for the nerves because of the hectic traffic and overpopulation..but that being said there are more peaceful places to vist==i say Borobodur Buddhist temple,Bromo volcano etc...next year i might visit either Taiwan or Vietnam==don't know yet:wink:

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