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honeygirl 04-10-19 07:37 PM

Drama and life thoughts
so reacently there've been a lot of drama in my life.

before i bitch about it i'll start with just telling a bit about myself.

first of all sorry for typeerrors or weird sentences (english is not my first language)

so i'm a teenagegirl with a lot of problems. atm i think i'm depressed but there's not a docter or something who've confirmed it. i also have problems with angermannegment and i'm very easy to hurt. so all in all i'm very emotional. rn i'm on my third school and i don't have any friends in my class. of course i have friends but a couple of months ago i stopped talking to many of my oldest and closest friends because they were other places in their lives e.g. i started smoking half a year ago and they think that it's the most desgusting thing ever. i get why they would think that, but another thing where we aren't at the same places could be that they think the best way of spending a friday nightis by sitting in a room complaining that no boys want to date them instead of actually going out meeting up with guys. but well about three monhts ago i started hanging out with another group of friends.

and now for the bitching

so i'm from Denmark and i live in the capital. i have a friend called Hilda who is Swedish, and i don't know how/why but apperentlly Swedish people are really exotic in Denmark because basically every boy in Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark) wants to have something with her. and then you probably think "so you're complaining because your friend knows how to flirt and you don't??!!" but the annoying thing is that SHE is annoyed. like, she's the type of person who would say "oh my God it's so annoying that everybody likes me and i could get every boy i want ooooh my life is so hard". and that's not even the drama. the drama is that she has like four guys on the hook rn and she dated one of them for about two days and then broke up and said the relationship went too fast but that guy is also one of my friends so as a good friend i tried to help him. but. i like him. and i can't have something with him because of Hilda. but as a good friend i don't do anything about it. and i just get so angry with her because she keeps saying to me (because i'm kinda the middleman in everything because i know everything and i tell other people because otherwise people wouldn't find out and stuff) she keeps saying to me that MAYBE she want to have a fling with him or something. and she's just keeping him on the hook and because she said that the day before he had another date then he couldn't enjoy it and move on.

another annoying thing about being the middelman with all the gossip is that everybody is friendzoneing me and i keep getting dragged into all this drama and i just want them to kinda leave me alone.

ahaha sorry for writting all over the place but in Denmark it's 01.36 am so i'm tired and i'm going to get 5 hours of sleep

thank you and goodnight o-o

kh440 04-12-19 05:59 PM

The short answer: The only way to get out of the middle is to remove yourself from it. If you don't want or need to hear it just politely say "that's between you and him." Do not be afraid to set boundaries with people.

honeygirl 04-14-19 09:00 AM

Drama and life thoughts
hi again.

so status on my life is that i have vacation which is great. but. reacently there've been a lot of weird dudes from other countries that've send me friendrequests on facebook. i hate to ignore friendrequests but i also hate to say no, so i just accept them and stop thinking about it. my friend said i was stupid for saying yes to them but i litterally don't have anything exept birthdaycards and profilepics on my facebook so i don't really care. then two days ago a one of the guys wrote me. or well... he waved. and then i waved back and he wrote hi and i wrote hey etc. i at first i just thought it was a troll or something but then he said he was 50 and were looking for friends all over the world. and i thought "heeey i can't hurt to write with him". so i did. then yesterday we didn't really write bc i had better things to do and then today he wrote "i missed you" and i think it's totally weird and over the line but i feel like it would be rude to be like "f*ck off" but i've talked with a lot of people on the internet before and it basically all ended with them writting weird sh*t to me or them wanting nudes. and normally i just block them but then it occured to me that when i write with someone on facebook/messenger then they have my full name (on every other social media were dudes slide into my dm's i don't have my full name or i use my mothers lastname). so yeah. lately there've also been a lot of gang sh*t in my life so i have threats on my mind so i'm kinda paranoid atm. so yeah i reaaaaally don't know how to ignore him bc he haven't done anything weird yet (exept the "i missed you"-text) so i don't want to sound rude. yeah idk i feel like it's a really pathetic dilemma but yeah.


honeygirl 04-22-19 11:55 AM

Drama and life thoughts

so a couple of days ago some of my friends were sleeping at my place bc my parents weren't home. so we were laying in my bed watching a horrormovie and i'm really bad at watching those so i wasn't watching half of the movie. but bc we were laying three people in my bed there wasn't much space so one of my friends was laying with his arm around me so i wouldn't fall out. at some point my other friend fell asleep and then out of nowhere my friend, who was holding his arms around me, kissed me. he's one of my best friends so i really don't want to f*ck anything up. it's really awkward between us now and i don't know why but all of my other friends is hating on me now and normally it would only be a little bit of teasing that's funny for all of us but now it's just too much bc they've just taking it too far. i'm not sure if the too things are related my other friends have known eachother for a longer time and they're better friends and my friend Hilda (from my first post) had something with him once. i've only told my best friend and we haven't talked about it. i know it don't mean anything but i just feel like it means a little bit bc we haven't talked or anything and bc of the awkwardness.

yeah i don't know


honeygirl 05-02-19 11:40 AM

Drama and life thoughts

so in the past two weeks i haven't really been talking to my friends. today one of them wrote me and was angry bc she hadn't seen me in two weeks. a little sidenote: my friends have been together a lot where they simply haven't invited me and i've found out after they get home. so she was angry at me and lately none of them have been very nice to me and that's why i haven't tried to call any of them. then she asked why i was mad and i said that the only thing that made me angry was that she assumed i was angry. then she asked why i wasn't hanging out with them then and i said the truth that i was sad bc they'd been pretty mean. then suddently she started to write angry texts and involed all the others and said a lot of sh*t about me and then one of my other friends wrote me and asked if i was on my periode. i think he crossed the line by saying that but i don't feel like i can talk to anybody anymore bc my friends have been friends with eachother for a longer time so i'm afraid that thoose who aren't involved rn will be and that nobody would take my parti.

yeah idk.


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