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WinnerButLoner 02-15-19 08:15 PM

Four nights in a basement OT

Did away with most of my vices
But the easiest and freest one to do is so enticing
My brain is biting itself brain cells fading fast
Deteriorating mentally faster then I ran to cash
Endorphins blasts and seratonin releases
Liver poisoning from dark liquors and joints filled with thc and keefs
Treacherous treats of past are no longer in my present
I want to do it all at once alone but this time I just want to be sleeping and restin
I'm unsafe to talk to, my mindstate is I'll I just gave you a walkthrough
Coldness yields to boldness from my neverending mental state of BLUE
I see through your ruse bitch you're stuck down and fastened to the gutter like hot super glue.
You're too fucking weak to even scrape off its residue.....

WinnerButLoner 02-18-19 06:12 AM

Night 3

I must breathe in better air
Past couple days a nightmare
My head is spinning due to internet women
Pixelated pussies or auto corrected venom
Led me to release fluid, celibacy ruined
But sobriety was maintained, genius is still brewing
Dopamine took a hold of me, controlling me
The masturbation rush kept me high, like ketamine
I couldn't focus, felt hopeless, I want to do better
She tried to ruin me but I won't let her, no longer will I sweat her

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