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Adam87 02-08-19 11:52 PM

OCP & social media withdrawal
Ive been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive personality & for awhile now im not sure ive been trying to link it with my urge to return to social media which was a huge addiction for me. I feel bored & unmotivated lately staring at an ipad screen. Anyone else experience this? What helps?

stirfry 02-12-19 12:55 PM

I would imagine addiction to social media is definitely connected to OCP. On social media sites you might feel compelled to check many accounts, many updates, many times a day. I think I'd be constantly on edge if I were a heavy user of FB or Instagram, etc.

To avoid going back to the most-addictive social media, what if you allowed yourself to engage in some lower-key social activity online, anything that does not update so frantically and frequently? Something you like.

Adam87 02-20-19 01:26 AM

Thx for the reply! I deleted my accounts & i still get bored but for the most part keeping up on my medication & staying productive has helped. I decided to start learning, researching & just following up on anything that interests me usually involving the news. I rather know whats going on in the world instead of knowing what ppl post that is usually dramatic & irrelevant. Once again thank you.

tigerlover 03-03-19 03:09 AM

i bet in nowadays world all of us get OCD in some degree..:smile:
i think we all should learn to live with this condition..


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