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WinnerButLoner 01-26-19 07:26 AM

No one can save us
We are lost causes
We take so many losses
I don't want to war but you left me with no choice
I dont want to hear your bullshit, I left you with no voice
I dont want to die and I don't want to kill
But the love has dried up, nothing good to till
You have to fall back on the dumb laws
I had to fall back on my two balls
I'm a real man and I'm not with your program
This is why you step to me and get slammed
Stay the fuck out of my business
You can't bankrupt me
Next time I won't leave a witness
You can't sink this G.

SensualGirl 01-28-19 01:25 AM


Good work. What's new? How's your career progressing? Are you depressed?

I have followed your PM advice about jobs and been doing a lot of proofreading work. That allowed me to earn disability money. But I will not rely on the government for long. I recently got a call back for a permanent, full time, work from home transcribing job through my job coach.

WinnerButLoner 01-28-19 10:39 AM

Nice to hear from you again after all this time SG! I have made major strides but recently had a major setback mentally due to someone I trusted in. I've learned alot, still not perfect, but always getting better!

Don't feel bad about government assistance as I have used it multiple times to help get me through rough times. I'm very happy you are making a way when it doesn't seem like there is one, really proud of you 🙂.

WinnerButLoner 01-28-19 10:40 AM

Work at home job is awesome too, that's all you ever wanted, good luck with everything!

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