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kh440 01-07-19 09:18 PM

Is it just me?
Let's say you start seeing someone new, and the two of you really are hitting it off. Now, let's say you exercise due diligence and inform her that things aren't always rosy for you. You tell her for the most part you can manage but there can and probably will be those days when you just aren't yourself. She says she understands, but when your little demons manifest themselves, she bails. Is it more a reflection on you? Or does that say something more about her?

stirfry 01-15-19 04:27 PM

I'm not prepared to judge either one of you poorly at this point. All of us have some crazy that eventually gets revealed to the people we're trying to get close with. It can repel the other person, for one reason or another. Hard for her to promise she's okay with it when she doesn't know what it is, yet. Still, it's a good thing to risk showing your real self.

honeygirl 04-10-19 05:37 PM

Well I think that it's important that you can be you around her, so if she won't stay on the "bad days" then she aren't worth your time.

kh440 04-12-19 05:02 PM

Well, it's kinda academic now. The short version would be I put a LOT of time and effort into getting a better handle on my problems, and in essence become a better person, and she didn't feel it was necessary for her to understand some of her less than endearing qualities, much less try to do anything about them.

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