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tigerlover 01-04-19 11:16 AM

feeling avoidant?why?wherefor???what are the reasons to it?
Hey...i lived a long life of good and bad feelings really..life seems to be such a struggle,or a battle of surviving?i bet i suffer from deeper OCD feelings which created a feeling of distrust in whoever i encounter..does this sounds familiar to anyone of you on here?if yes..elaborate..what did you do?or what can anyone of us do regarding this matter...
is avoiding??just a way to become introvert?closed up?egocentrical?any answers,my friends? https://youtu.be/tzUhuCB4pyk

tigerlover 01-04-19 11:21 AM

according to me==music uplifts me out of being avoidant..because music is about me/myself.. avoidant people never will fit in a close knit relationship,i reckon...well...they are like the word says==too avoidant,is it not?:smile:



John569 01-10-19 08:35 PM

For you.
I like your music. I love music. Seen The Floyd twice in concert. :rofl: :gimli:

John569 01-10-19 08:39 PM

I'm a super introvert. I avoid and am estranged from a large family. I take care of my mom as she slowly dies. No one ever visits except for my psychotic cousin and bipolar manic brother. It is like living in a house of mirrors.

In the future I plan to travel. I can be a lone yet see and interact with many people.

tigerlover 01-11-19 01:27 AM

Thanks,John for the music...hardrock/metal is very popular in Belgium...we got one of the best festivals in the world called Graspop...it's perhaps 35kms.from my door but i never went since I am not so much into hard rock etc...i put a link about this june festival,not cheap=bit over 200 dollars for a combiticket,i guess...one of the bands i saw life on another festival(Yellowstock) is Hawkwind==more spacerock..they used to be very popular when Lemmy was still alive...here a spacerock song and a general line up..




P.S..click on the band and usually they put a song...

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