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shadowhound1 10-08-18 05:20 PM

we lost our child today
Hey guys so i had no idea where to post this but for the last few months me and the mrs have been going though IVF as she can't conceive naturally and it took on our first go and was so happy as im 29 now and i have wanted to be a father all my life to give a special child a better life than i could have ever had growing up.

but my mrs got to 14.6 weeks and sadly the baby died due to a liver problem it wasen't passing urine and the worst part is my mrs still has to go back to the hospital to give birth im in bits if truth be told as i don't understand how god can be so cruel i got my hopes up and everything

as soon as i saw that ultrasound today i knew something was a miss and my fear was confirmed, im not religious but man did i pray i prayed so much for this to be different i just wanted 1 child ive never got any preggers in the history of my life because i wanted to have a house and be stable but it seems even that isen't enough. i dunno where to go from here. im trying to stay strong and supporting my mrs as she has more to come but it feels like my heart was ripped out today like being hit with a bus

SensualGirl 10-08-18 07:01 PM

Please have my sympathies for the loss of your child. I'm so sorry that happened to you. You'll never hear me say I know how you feel.:frown:

I offer up these two videos in the hopes that they bring you some solace in your grief:


DPG1 10-09-18 10:21 PM

My condolences shadowhound1. Definitely stay strong for your wife but don't be afraid to cry. I'm not a parent but the both of you are no doubt going through hell. We're thinking of you here.

SensualGirl 10-22-18 06:16 AM

How are you feeling today?

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