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Ehisdi 09-25-18 09:21 AM

Since the pain makes it hard to do much I've been working on a few knitting things. Have a baby blanket for one of my niece's baby, and a throw for my wife. Plus a lace vest, which I've been having a lot of problems on, O_o, which I'm making for my wife as well.

youtube: How to knit a flat round circle

I've been attempting to learn this, and if I can figure it out by the end of next month, this is what I'll do for my next niece.

It all still hurts like mad, at least in my shoulders and an elbow, but meh, it's not too bad...yet.

Ehisdi 12-06-18 03:16 AM

Well, I have gotten better, and had a decent round baby blanket going, but I kept messing it up. Even finally finished it, but like an idiot I decided to do one more knit row, which messed it up. I had decided to just leave it, but I figured I might be able to "stretch" it, broke it instead. So having to redo the blasted thing for the third time, and still messed it up. Meh, I'll just sew the bad spots and finish it. Erf! Meh, my niece will understand.

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