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SensualGirl 09-24-18 12:31 PM

Distraction Or Self Talk?
I was wondering which would be best to deal with the voices. I prefer distraction, as it's more fun and productive. But you can't distract yourself all the time, whereas you can also do positive self talk.

What do you think?

tigerlover 09-24-18 01:58 PM

@sensual...i think the best thing you can do is a combination of the two=distraction and positive self talk..i have practised self talk for years and i think it's worthwhile..i am not saying i am happy..i say i am seeking contentment in my life...not so easy...distraction is a coping mechanisn to feel better within ourselves..mindfullness and self talk takes us within ourself and helps us cope with the life we have to face...


SensualGirl 09-25-18 02:55 PM


tigerlover 09-26-18 09:52 AM

I believe self talk can be very helpful if we see it as a way of looking into ourself,change our attitudes,stop ruminating etc...I think this link can be useful..

SensualGirl 09-26-18 05:29 PM


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