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Ghostnyourmidst 08-22-18 08:34 AM

Iím not even sure what to say. Deb was one of my closest friends even though we never met inperson. We started talking many years ago and it grewfrom there. We talked on the phone and sent countless PMs and E-mails. Iwatched her daughter Jaylen grow into a fine person and we often talked about my daughter. WhenI first talked to her I was ready to end my life and Deb kept me on the right trackwith caring but sometimes brutal honesty. When I was deployed to Afghanistan in2009 her daily E-mails made things much easier to deal with. She was the firstperson I would contact when things happened in my life both good and bad. She savedme from myself and for that I will always be grateful. Without her I canítfigure out how to face the future. For the past few days when something happensI still run to tell her and realize she isnít there.
Iím not surewhat happened. We talked many times after the accident and she seemed to bedoing ok under the circumstances. She was broadsided by a utility truck. I know she cracked her sternum and broke ribs.Her foot was the worst and required surgery and she was in a lot of pain. I was sent out of town for a while and couldnítcheck on her. When I returned the first thing I did was try to contact her. Shedidnít answer so I knew something was wrong. Something told me to google hername and her obituary came up. I sat in shock for an hour before the tearscame. They havenít stopped since. I have lost a true friend and feel so guilty becauseI wasnít there for her. Iím not sure how to face tomorrow without her.
Rest in peaceDeb. Prayers for Jaylen and the rest of the family.

tigerlover 08-24-18 03:15 AM

@Ghost...that's a sad story to read about losing someone you loved..hence my reply here..
my story regarding that issue is somehow different but it caused me distress and pain 8 years ago as well..what can i say...in 2008 when my wife came home from shopping on August 18th..she was on the couch while i was on the P.C.nearby...i thought she fell asleep..no sound,no noise,just eyes closed..it was 8 p.m...at 9 p.m i touched her face and she did not move anymore..she died peacefully while asleep..doc told me heart failure..i turned into a shock...just like you i could not say that last word or hold her hand..and that's a pain forever in my heart...it's a wound that must heal slowly...10 years went by...I carry on...life can be hard,but when it is we know what love,human values and friendships mean..I wish you strenght and courage,take care,mate..Deb lives further on in your heart...sure she does..

Ghostnyourmidst 08-24-18 02:35 PM

Oh WOW! So sorry to hear about your loss. I'm not sure what to even say. :(

Thanks for your reply.

SensualGirl 09-06-18 12:07 AM

I'm so sorry you two!:frown:

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