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darkwizard 07-29-18 03:46 AM

This is the end
I want to end the misery, everyday I sleep I fear getting up alive, I have lost it, I just want to die.

SensualGirl 07-30-18 03:42 AM

What's wrong?:frown:

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:19 AM


tigerlover 07-31-18 10:22 AM

everything is a whole lot...can you elaborate about it?in this forum we listen to what people have to say...
about their problems...i have got OCD...:hiding::smile:

darkwizard 07-31-18 10:39 AM

Hmm to start with I got breathing problem, I am broke, homeless, have dementia, got no friend or relative. Am brave enough to fight this long but tired enough to carry on.

tigerlover 07-31-18 12:05 PM

well..I say thanks Kaveesh..that's a start...if people do not open up about their problems then it stays a closed door,is it?dementia?that's often a serious issue about losing a grip on controlling thoughts about oneself,others,the world around..open up here and you will see a little opening even if you were thinking the door was completely locked or closed for you...we look behind your door...and we see a light,a solution perhaps...but..the will to do anything is yours and yours alone...this world has never been black for me...I love colours....:wave:

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:14 PM

Thanks, you are kind enough not to mock, judge or preach me. Thanks a lot

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:15 PM

Colour of my life is black but I do love watching rainbows

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:19 PM

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Somehow amongst war I still believe in love

tigerlover 07-31-18 12:30 PM

The Donovan link does not work...pity...i love that song...for me music is a life force...it uplifts me..it can take me down sometimes as well,but mostly it's not a down feeling...it's a postivitycarry on,and keep on posting..there is a light in your life..burn your candle of life..don't blow it out....i love the yellow shine of a candle in the dark of my life... https://youtu.be/pqHb7RFpoxU

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:33 PM

Why your life is dark

tigerlover 07-31-18 12:45 PM

my life is not so dark...I am very sensitive to ocd mood swings..recently i watched a movie called the Deer Hunter=Robert de Niro,Christopher Walken etc...it's about 3 Russian guys from a small Pennsylvanian town who had to serve in Vietnam...it made me sad to see that the uselessness of war,injustice,racism,sexism, intolerance,
prejudices are still hanging around in this day and age...no,friend,my life is sometimes dark,but mostly i see and look in the candle of life...:smile:and life is good...


darkwizard 07-31-18 12:50 PM

That's cool 🙂

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