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darkwizard 07-29-18 03:46 AM

This is the end
I want to end the misery, everyday I sleep I fear getting up alive, I have lost it, I just want to die.

SensualGirl 07-30-18 03:42 AM

What's wrong?:frown:

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:19 AM


tigerlover 07-31-18 10:22 AM

everything is a whole lot...can you elaborate about it?in this forum we listen to what people have to say...
about their problems...i have got OCD...:hiding::smile:

darkwizard 07-31-18 10:39 AM

Hmm to start with I got breathing problem, I am broke, homeless, have dementia, got no friend or relative. Am brave enough to fight this long but tired enough to carry on.

tigerlover 07-31-18 12:05 PM

well..I say thanks Kaveesh..that's a start...if people do not open up about their problems then it stays a closed door,is it?dementia?that's often a serious issue about losing a grip on controlling thoughts about oneself,others,the world around..open up here and you will see a little opening even if you were thinking the door was completely locked or closed for you...we look behind your door...and we see a light,a solution perhaps...but..the will to do anything is yours and yours alone...this world has never been black for me...I love colours....:wave:

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:14 PM

Thanks, you are kind enough not to mock, judge or preach me. Thanks a lot

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:15 PM

Colour of my life is black but I do love watching rainbows

darkwizard 07-31-18 12:19 PM

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Somehow amongst war I still believe in love

tigerlover 07-31-18 12:30 PM

The Donovan link does not work...pity...i love that song...for me music is a life force...it uplifts me..it can take me down sometimes as well,but mostly it's not a down feeling...it's a postivitycarry on,and keep on posting..there is a light in your life..burn your candle of life..don't blow it out....i love the yellow shine of a candle in the dark of my life... https://youtu.be/pqHb7RFpoxU

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