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teddybears1 07-26-18 11:34 AM

Feeling alone and worthless
Hello, I am a 20 year old female who has constantly suffered through depression my whole life and is thinking about ending my life. I feel very alone in my life right now and I feel like I have no one in my corner to talk to about how I feel right now. Everyone thatís entered my life has failed me or hurt me in some type of way. Iíve tried to end my life when I was 15 but I didnít go as planned. I feel so alone and that the world is better without me my family, friends barely care about me, I am a burden to most of them anyway.

SensualGirl 07-26-18 03:03 PM

I have the opposite problem. I absolutely cherish my solitude. But I feel pressured to interact and even have children to make my mom a grandmother. It makes me feel paranoid.

Convict 07-27-18 01:17 AM

Hello and welcome teddybears.

Why do you say that you are a burden to your family and your friends?

I am sure they do care about you, you might not think so. I have a very small friends group because of people who stab you in the back and screw you over. My friends now are very supportive and i can rely on them any time.

So with that being said, i am sure that your friends do care about you.

I can relate to how you are feeling. I also feel that the world is better off without me, i am better off without myself. But i still hold on, hoping for a better tomorrow.

flatliner 07-27-18 12:28 PM


I am 21 and suffer through depression from a very young age too and as i grew up, more responsibilities arose and more and more burdens in life were visible, making depression even worse. I just say this cause i want you to understand that i can completely feel the way you feel!

What i want to say to you now, is that i am to your corner and i want you so much to come and talk to me whenever you want to :) ! Honestly speaking now! Just go ahead and talk even about the most insignificant thing you want to. Perhaps hearing a suggestion about your issue from another point of you might help you

Take care and hope to hear from u soon!!! :)

SensualGirl 07-27-18 06:57 PM

Well wisher on my own island as well, sending you a message in a bottle: keep busy.:hug:

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