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EmpatheticThoughts 07-04-18 12:02 AM

Bye Cousin
Why did the security guard have to shoot my cousin 3 times in the chest? You thought he hit a car and ran, but you didn't have to shoot him. You could have arrested him. They could have done an investigation, but he didn't deserve to be killed. Now my aunt has lost her only child :(

My cousin, I wish we were closer, but we lived in different cities and we had some age distance. Why does my aunt have to mourn this loss? No mom should have to bury their child. When I see you auntie, I will feel okay. I want to know that you are strong. I know you loved him with everything. He lost his leg in a car accident when he was young, but he overcame it. He kept living. Why did that security guard do this to my family? It could have been me.

SensualGirl 07-05-18 01:14 PM

Awww I'm sorry ET.:hug:

EmpatheticThoughts 07-05-18 07:33 PM

Thank you, SensualGirl. I'm glad you are still liking your job!

SensualGirl 07-07-18 08:42 PM

Oh thanks so much! Yeah the job is nice, can't complain. How are you holding up?

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