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Ehisdi 06-29-18 01:43 AM

Agweisdohdi : My pain

Pain has been horrible for most of today, and like an idiot I took a short nap. Naps always make my body hurt even worse than before, :hiding:.

Part of my body that are in constant pain, or strain. (That I can feel or know of at the moment)
  • Upper spine between shoulder blades
  • Lower spine just above pelvis
  • Left lower back
  • Left upper pelvis
  • Left knee
  • Left thigh
  • Left calf
  • Right knee
  • Left arm from shoulder blade to clavicle to two fingers.
  • Right tricep
  • Above to middle right shoulder blade

Things that are getting ready to be a problem...Teeth...Since haven't been able to afford any dental work, my teeth are preparing for a new addition to my fun. :eek:

midnightphoenix 06-29-18 03:04 PM

Gentle hugs to you, I hope you can find something that helps :hug:

Ehisdi 06-29-18 10:15 PM

Thanks! Unfortunately, there's nothing that helps now. I've taken up knitting, manly style, heh, but even that don't feel too great.

Kind of harsh when something as mundane as lifting an arm is exhausting, O_o. Holy Sock Puppets, heh.

Eh, at least I still have my sense of humor, :-P.

Ehisdi 07-01-18 10:21 PM

Pain has been extremely harsh the past few days...weeks...months...I don't really know any more. Yeesh!

My knees make it difficult to stand and move about, and my back makes it difficult to do everything else...O_o, come on...Let me have a moment's peace, heh...

Ehisdi 07-04-18 08:16 PM

Happy 4th of July, I think...O_o...

Spent a lot of time cleaning up the kitchen, carried out two 6ft folding tables, wife washed dishes (which is rare), got the grills cleaned out and lit. Fried up some hamburgers, jalopenos with zucchini, garlic, onion, and olive oil, and baked some potatoes. The kids came out of their rooms and ate, wife came outside and ate with me. Then I put everything away. I'm sore beyond belief, and the kids are hiding in their rooms, wife couldn't decide what to watch on the magic box, and so is laying down. What an exciting family...

Sometimes I dream of a family that would help out. A wife who would laugh at my side while "we" cleaned up some part of the house. She'd play with me and I'd play with her, and we'd harangue the children and goad them into playing games around a table...It's a nice dream.

I'm so sore. So much pain. So much bloody pain. Ow!

Ehisdi 07-14-18 09:05 AM

I've finally been sleeping at night, between 11pm through 2am, which, again goes to show it's not how much sleep I get, it's when. As long as I fall asleep before 1am, I usually don't hurt too much.

Also, I finally talked with the wife about some of the things that were bothering me. So that part of my stress has been dealt with, now if only I could deal with the other parts, like the pain, and this ridiculous mental fog.

I've got a few arts and crafts on the burner, so maybe I'll be able to make some money next year. I hope. Really need to see a doctor and quit smoking, that would go a heck of a long ways to being able to afford physical care, O_o. Really need to do something.

Ehisdi 07-17-18 03:06 AM

Tlagwv yagwanta yinigalsdi...I don't know why it is,

But I've been in worse pain the past few days, sort of like having between 20 and 40 pounds on my back at all times, with upper and lower back pains, and knee pains thrown in, to boot. Yet, I've not been overly depressed and feeling miserable. It's almost weird, O_o. Eh, I'll take any good news I can get, heh.

Ehisdi 07-23-18 11:06 PM

Sigwu agweisdanehdi. There's still pain...

Holy halibuts. Made a mistake and took a nap. Since I've not been sleeping well I decided to take naps to help alleviate some of the exhaustion, but, but, but, I always hurt so so so much worse after a nap.

What it feels like, a stabbing pain through my upper left pelvis, an extremely tight contraction like pain (that a man can know, heh) in my middle and upper back. A slight throbbing pain in my knee, and moderate sore muscles in my left leg. It's almost as tiring just moving as it is when I'm sleepy, heh.

Ehisdi 08-01-18 10:27 PM

It's hard keeping my spirits up, and after finding my wife has a lot in credit card debt, sheesh! And she's been hating me because I'm the reason we're broke. O_o.

I still haven't been able to get my mind straightened out since my son cursed at me. He's been ignoring me, to boot.

Anyway, I have been trying to talk to her more frequently, but it's not easy. Other than some subconscious feeling that makes her know that I'm her husband, there isn't much else. I feel more like a father and a maid than her husband. She definitely doesn't have any outward emotions towards me, unless we're in public. However, I think that's something more horrifying (that I found out when I tried to leave her last year). It's "fun".

Oh, please please PLEEEEASE NyQuil, help me sleep tonight.

Ehisdi 08-15-18 12:46 PM

Well, that's that. There's no way I'd be able to see a doctor. It'd cost between $100 to $500 (might as well think $250 and up because I know I'll have to have xrays), and that's per body part. So I'm looking at 750 to $2000 just to find out how bad my body really is...

So to Plan B, and attempt to do arts and crafts and sell them on the internet, because our town is too small to be able to sell them here.

Meh, I knew I wasn't going to be able to. Took too long, and never been able to save money because of how bad I hurt...C'est la vie.

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