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Lojo 05-02-18 01:30 AM

Permanent inferiority complex
I feel like I am beneath everyone and that everyone has something against me, hates me, dislikes me. I feel worthless compared to everyone. Like everyone is better than me in every single way. I can't even be around people, even when i think about people I think of how worthless and a piece of shit I am considering everything. I have no friends and no experience in relationships, which rings true to my feelings of not being good enough or worthy enough to have friends, socialize, or even be around people. I cannot relate to anyone, and I feel like I am not even human, that I am an animal, and am treated as such. I can't take this anymore and don't know what to do besides isolating.

TheSilentGrey 05-02-18 03:11 AM

About other's opinions of you, try not to let it get to you unless you care about them. In my mind, most people are trash anyways, so who gives a shit what they think about me, or anyone else.

We're not all dealt the same talents, we might feel inferior, but we don't necessarily need to be skilled at things to enjoy them.

Comparing yourself to others is an easy trap to fall into, and it made me incredibly depressed in the past. Try to focus on your own happiness and don't worry about how others are doing so much.

All of this is easier said than done for sure, but, best of luck.

Oh, and about finding friends, maybe others don't actually think of you that badly, and it could potentially be just your perception of yourself that's so bad? I don't think anyone is actually not worthy to have friends.

I wrote this while pretty tired, it's like 1am, so sorry if it's not helpful

SensualGirl 05-02-18 05:04 AM

^^Right. It doesn't matter what people think of you, only what YOU think of you. Sounds like Avoidant Personality Disorder. I believe I'm Schizoid, so I actually enjoy my isolation. I agree that most people are trash. I too feel like everyone is against me and trying to sabotage me to teach me a lesson for being unconventional. I don't trust experts because they are corporate whores who just want to sell stuff and punish minimalists. Try positive thinking and solo activities for now. Make lists of things you like about yourself.

tigerlover 11-29-18 09:17 AM

@Lojo..the feeling that you think everyone is against you,dislikes you etc...is only a feeling which is born in your own way of thinking,feeling worthless...in my twenties i felt like that but i learned to look at it in a different way,i also do behave unconventional just like sensual said in her reply,but that attitude proved to be in my benefit because people do not judge me for it,but they like me for the fact i behave different then anyone else...in a way it increased my self confidence=the facts are that if one cannot take criticism then being unconventional will always be an issue where people judge other people for their being different?we all have something which troubles us..i think becoming or being a loner is often the answer to the outside world===it's a shout like leave me alone,i can take care of myself and i do not need you all,feeling worthy starts with the fact that we are proud of who we are,it's an issue within our own mind,we should be flabbergastered to know how many people feel sad,left out,depressive,lonely,piece of shit etc..just because for the fact some people look down on them..i love the word self confidence,self esteem...in my book they get high values..:smile::wave:

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