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forpetessake 09-11-09 07:20 AM

9/11-In Rememberance
This is a special day for people around the USA and I suppose around the world or at the very least in Western Society.

I don't want to get into wierd theories about the day, but rather, take the opportunity in this thread, to remember the day.

What were you doing?

How did you hear about it?

What was your communities reactions etc....

Also, this is a day to reflect, upon the 2800 souls who died that day.

So today, let's remember 9/11. But...let's also celebrate the life we have....We should remember to count are blessings.

brandysnap 09-11-09 07:31 AM



Lectriczingers 09-11-09 08:18 AM

I was at school, in high school. We had televisions in all the classrooms, so once we heard the news about the first plane crash, we watched the rest on TV. I saw the towers come down in English class first hour.

I had an essay exam in History class second hour, and I came in late because I had been crying. My teacher was this old coach who was kind of a curmudgeon. But I remember him very sweetly asking me that day if I was going to be OK to take the test.

I remember the fear I felt for my pakistani-american classmates. The weeks that followed were a difficult time for them, people started treating them differently, as if they were terrorists. They were two of the finest boys I had ever known, super smart, funny, kind, caring, and spoke perfect english and they didn't even have accents because they were born here in the states. They were Americans, they loved America. And people hated them. One of them was the valedictorian of my class, and gave the speech at our graduation.

forpetessake 09-11-09 08:40 AM

I had been a subscriber to CNN's breaking news email alerts for a year or 2 prior to 9/11. As I recall it was tensions between China and Taiwan that got me to sign up.

So....here it was 9/11/01, another day at work. I was working for a cell phone company in a customer service role. We didnt just have cubicles that we worked in, rather we had cubes...a section of space with multiple open spaced work stations with a cubicle attached for the team leader.

I got a CNN breaking news email alert that a plane crashed into the WTC.

I remembered thinking that was odd, how could a small commuter type plane like this one, http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/w...maarten093.jpg
miss the WTC?

So I got up and told my boss.

Shortly thereafter the world changed. Chaois started to fill the call center. We worked approx 25 miles from Chicago.

A friend of mine, another team leader from a different team came and found me. She asked me to go with her to the TV room. We were there and watched as the 2nd plane came in and struck the other WTC.
My friend fainted into my arms.

It was at that moment I knew we were being attacked.

At some point later, chaos erupted when word got to us that the Sears Tower in Chicago was being evacuated. We thought for sure that the plane ( what ended up being Flight 93) was heading for the Sears Tower.

Other interesting things I recall about that day.

My building where I worked was so close to Chicago that you saw planes in the air all the time. As a smoker back then, I was outside every chance I got to have a cigarette, and on 9/11 after the FAA grounded all the planes, I remembered being outside and thinking how errily quiet it seemed.

Later when I finally got back home, one of the local gas stations jacked their price up to $5.00 a gallon. We were paying like $1. and change per gallon at the time. So there was a run on the gas stations.

I remember too the paranoia that set in.
We live close to a nuclear power plant and thought for sure in the coming moments, or hours or days, that the plant would be a target.

Now of knew anything that day.

Mousey 09-11-09 10:17 AM

I was at work and we heard it over the loudspeaker, and they let us all go home early. We had a main office located in NYC and a lot of people commuted into NY for work. So it really hit home with us. It's a day nobody will forget.

crimson 09-11-09 11:02 AM

i was at home a sleep in bed, i had the day off, and i awoke to my roommate saying you mite want to get up and i yelled why as i was about to get up and attack him for waking me he said because we are under attack, the first thing i did was look up, i mean i thought they were at the house, i jumped up ready to fight and then looked at him and he said turn on your tv any channel, i did and i saw the first tower smoking, the plane had already hit, then i saw the second plane hit and heard a plane over head, i thought shit, i heard jets go by as the mins past, i watched with the rest of the world, i remember thinking what is next, the pentagon had just been hit and i knew the white house was to be next, but a few braved souls stood up and gave there lives and the plane crashed in a field in pa.

i have another story to tell which may make some people very mad and still to this day pisses me off, but i think it needs to be told

my mom is a teacher and one of her students that day was sadam hussein niece, the class was watching on tv the chaos that day and in the middle of it his niece said good. i hope the whole country burns, or something to that, my mom had to protect her after that as the students were very upset, the next day the niece came to school and talked about how at home there was a celebration and laughter and cheer, that they watched the news and had a party. the niece is dead now, with sadam, she died in a car accicdent her brother was the drunk driver who hit a pole she was the passenger,
i told this story, just to keep people aware that the usa is still hated today by some people the same hate that caused 9/11 and that some people in the country should not be here, some people hate us with in our own boarder and it is sad,
hugs to all

totallyamazed 09-11-09 11:08 AM

I was watching the Today show and saw it live, so terrible! I couldn't believe my eyes. My first reaction was to go and get the kids out of school,Then as I was still watching one of the reporters at the pentagon was on the air live when the plane hit there, thats when I got up and got the kids, it felt like the world might be coming to an end and I wanted my kids!!

I remember watching the news for weeks after and it all seemed so surreal.

God Bless America!!

R.I.P. to all of the victims!

Blue Girl 09-11-09 11:26 AM

i was living & working near enough to see the smoke in the sky from my apartment for quite awhile.
i was at work at the school when we were informed by our principal. some of our students had parents working in the towers. it was scary and unreal waiting to find out if everyone we knew was OK.
i'm very grateful that nobody i knew had a death in their family from this. i was surprised, because I knew a lot of people from our churches & school & all.
i remember being scared for all the people working at ground zero afterwards...

bluebird 09-11-09 11:41 AM

I was on holiday in Cyprus. As i walked through the hotel bar from the swimming pool i happened to glance at the tv where they had on news reports of the first tower on fire - i watched things unfold from there and i remember struggling to get my brain to accept what i was seeing, i couldn't believe it was real. I felt physically sick.
I still can't read about that day or watch documentaries on what happened without crying.

Venom 09-11-09 02:23 PM

I was at school. They heard about it and at first thought it was a plane had messed up... Then the second one crashed and everybody was kinda panicy. I thought the end of the world might be near, I was kinda spacy myself.

As for the reaction of the community, it just caused more pain and destruction. Hate crimes against innocent Middle Eastern citizens who got here legally and have visas. I know some stores got robbed, and some men were beaten and called racial slurs.

Rest in peace to all the innocent people that died that day. May God heal their family's wounds.

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