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SensualGirl 05-01-18 03:19 AM

Smoking: Don't Want To Live Past 60
I have visions of myself in a nursing home getting physically and verbally abused by nurses and other residents.

What I have to look forward to:

1. Bad breath
2. Smelly, shitty pants
3. No family or friends
4. Blindness
5. Frailty, osteoperosis
6. Tons of meds
7. No one to talk to who knows me
8. Listening to TV all day
9. Spitting up
10. Inability to feed myself due to frailty
11. Slow walking or being wheelchair bound

What the future looks like:

1. America like the third world, with an elite, educated population in purgatory and a violent, poor underclass in hell
2. Radical Islamic takeover
3. Socialism/communism leading to the abolition of organized religion, free speech, rights, freedoms, solitude, money, property, art, entertainment, and amusement
4. Climate change
5. Population getting more and more angry about racism, riots, racial segregation, civil war
6. Weirder and more unacceptable subcultures like pedophilia, beastiality, and otherkin

I'm really not happy with this. So I'm thinking I should just smoke so I can die younger and be done with it.

But I might have COPD, lung cancer, no ability to speak except with a machine, societal compliance foisted on i.e. you must teach kids not to smoke since we kept you alive. Plus my mom and sister.


tigerlover 05-03-18 03:37 AM

did you say thoughts?point 1 to 11 will not happen to you within 25 to 30 years...so skip these thoughts and consider them one by one when you're reaching that stage in your lifetime:rofl: as you state==they are visions...what the second part of your postings is concerned..that's nowadays reality,me thinks...point 2==is happening already...in Belgium the politicians give in more and more to tolerating Islam and we got young Belgians who got indoctrinated to go and fight with IS and return over here with terrorism in their mind,therefore my country turned into a paranoid police state..:eek:nobody trust anyone anymore..point 4==a fact to discuss...will be soon have longer or shorter summers or more severe winters etc.??point 5=worries me a lot since racism is on the increase...i am not so worried about civil war but more about political instability which will lead to frustrations,anxiety and anger...point 6=certainly a problem in a world more and more based on extreme hardcore porn,we had pedo bishops and priests over here,incest etc.....so where is this all leading to?in my opinon they should castrate pedo's and child molestors since i think they are the scum of the earth..sex is a beautiful feeling if it's based on mutual respect,love and honesty...fucking like pigs is no answer to any sexual action whatsoever...
towards the OP i wanna say a final note=smoke your fags,drink your whiskey,enjoy life as YOU see it..try moderation,never do anything in excess so it will damage you bodily or mentally,and don't create depressive negative scenarios like COPD,lung cancer,family affairs or relatonships going down the drain..in Belgium there is a saying==on every pot fits a lid,so think twice before you put that lid:smile:any thoughts on what i said?

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