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HiddenStorms 02-18-18 06:12 PM

I'm doing well but still want to return to therapy
Life is good and I'm rather stable. My psychiatrist still said that if I was interested he could hook me up with a therapist. I said no at the time because the idea seemed pointless plus I really hated my last therapist. But recently I've been thinking about going back just to understand and process things from my past. Are therapists interested in taking clients who are already better? I don't really know what Im trying to ask, just wondering if its something I should continue to consider or just let it go.

tigerlover 02-19-18 02:45 PM

If your life is good then i do not see a point to get therapy sessions..stability is O.K,you say==so if you think you fall back into a state of being bit less stable you could consider therapy again..still talk it over with your psychiatrist first..
tbh...i have no idea what therapy is all about...i never went into it,because i did not needed it,that does not mean i never had a problem?i did a lot of self talk,self investigation so to say...and my problems were not that bad..i feel O.K and sometimes not O.K..OCD,bipolar?whether therapists take clients again who are already better?could be...maybe some members have been in that case and will answer you...good luck anyway...and do not worry too much...

HiddenStorms 02-25-18 08:09 PM

I guess Im just feeling... I dont know... Mad at myself for the things I did while I was not in my right mind? Like I want to process and deal with how my actions have left me with basically no friends and no confidence in my ability to maintain a healthy friendship. My mind's in a good place other than fixating on past problems. I don't know. I'll wait it out and see how things go.

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