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Starrk 11-04-09 11:40 PM


johnsmythe 11-05-09 12:57 AM


shadowAKA086 11-05-09 12:58 AM


thisone 11-05-09 02:31 AM


joanna 11-05-09 02:39 AM


dolphin 11-05-09 08:47 AM


Momma Mouse 11-05-09 10:59 AM


Sister Mouse 11-05-09 11:16 AM


ButterflyChaos 11-05-09 11:17 AM


nothing and no one 11-05-09 11:38 AM

i'm breaking the rules and using more than 1 word , because i cant describe what i feel in just one word.
its a mixture of fear, anxiety, tension, sadness, deep depression, anger, loneliness, frustration. but underneath it all is a little bit of hope, a tiny flame of hope that i feel if i nurture will grow into a bright light and will take away the darkness in my life. god takes care of us that believe in Him. i know this in my heart. God is love. God is hope. thankyou for reading this, God loves you too god bless you all

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