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Road Ratt 06-20-15 07:49 PM


Road Ratt 06-21-15 07:46 PM


Dark Witch 06-22-15 02:35 AM


PenguinLord 06-22-15 08:03 AM


Noire 06-22-15 12:30 PM


Road Ratt 06-22-15 07:45 PM


marcelo 06-23-15 07:06 PM

depress humiliated outcast misfit feeling like the pain from a strong longing.

marcelo 06-23-15 07:18 PM

I will leave school I entered this year bad experiences in every school where I studied, I'm late a year and in the last year. In addition, I feel so empty around people of my school. The school makes me feel someone very weak. Men have to be strong, and as a man I can not even defend my reputation, I can not avoid victimization, complaints and self-pity. I have no strength to try to make me feel better. That's the worst of it.

marcelo 06-23-15 07:20 PM

I feel so touchy. And it annoys me.

Road Ratt 06-23-15 07:51 PM


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