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FloatingDreams 01-04-18 03:00 PM

My best friend died
I found out three days ago and I am shattered. It was a long-distance friendship but very close over 7 years. I feel bereft. I struggle with depression at the best of times but this is so hard. He was quite ill but it was not supposed to be terminal. I have cried until my eyes have no more tears. There are few people I can share my pain with.

SensualGirl 01-04-18 09:54 PM

Please have my sympathies. :confused:

DPG1 01-04-18 11:41 PM

Our condolences FloatingDreams. It's very hard to lose a friend. :hug:

Dark Witch 01-05-18 01:19 PM

Sorry for your lost, FloatingDreams. :hug:

InSearchOfPeople 01-05-18 01:58 PM

Sorry for your loss :(((

FloatingDreams 01-25-18 03:53 PM

Thank you all so much. Kind words really do help. My friend was cremated yesterday and I cried for over an hour. He had such a terrible life in so many ways, and he deserved so much better. At least he did have a few good friends even if they were long distance.

SensualGirl 01-25-18 07:36 PM


FloatingDreams 01-26-18 02:33 PM

I still just can't believe he's gone. I get that sinking feeling whenever I get a call on Skype from a different friend, and I realize it can't be him.

SensualGirl 01-26-18 07:43 PM

You'll never hear me say I know how you feel.:frown:

FloatingDreams 02-03-18 06:53 PM

It is still so hard. I miss him so very much. I have never lost anyone before except my father who had terminal cancer, and that was 20 years ago. This grief just seems to go on and on. I am seeing a counsellor and keep hoping this will get easier.

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