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InSearchOfPeople 11-16-17 02:14 PM

I got inflammation again
Because of my ongoing hormonal condition I keep getting inflammations and cysts in some part of my body.

In September I went to the doctor in my home country to get them removed. It is a painful process with a lot of huge needle sticking and there is no way to numb it.

After I had it done, I was relieved. No more pain, no more embarrassment.

My joy was short lived. Few days ago I discovered a new inflammation seems like on one of the same spots and it is huge and painful. I am devastated. I feel like I just can't get a break .... And I don't know what doctors to go to here. I hate going through my physician, though he is cool, but this matter is so embarrassing and he would have to refer me somewhere and this is just a long annoying process and what if I don't find a good doctor here...

And this is all meanwhile I am religiously taking pills every day and using special cream to prevent those things from happening...:confused::confused::confused:

SensualGirl 11-17-17 10:12 AM

I'm so sorry!:frown:

stirfry 11-24-17 09:48 AM

Ouch! It seems harsh and unreasonable that you aren’t getting help with the pain during the procedures. You could bring this up with the doctor here and ask for help. Maybe there's even something you can take before the appointment. That alone might help how you feel about facing it.

A lot of us have recurring conditions that aren't fun. As I get older, my idea of what a good day is has changed. Sudden relief of a pain, or losing some weight, or finding I'm stronger today than I used to be -- all these make me very happy now. When I was younger my expectations were far greater. Now I tend to notice small changes, small improvements.

I hope you find a good doctor who is not only helpful but reassuring.

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