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surfcaster 11-07-17 12:22 AM

Knee issues strikes again
My left knee has been acting up for 3 years giving me varying degrees of pain, lately it's been really painful and swelled to the point i cant do a lot on it, so i go to the orthopaedic doc figuring he'd drain off the fluid and give me a cortisone injection to ease it, well he sends me next door for an xray brings me back and says my knee is almost completely bone on bone with no cartilige left and there i s nothing they can do except a knee replacement, really was not expecting to hear that, i knew it was messed up but not like that, so he says how did you make it this long without getting it looked at that has to be excruciatingly painful, i kinda just shrugged and said just dealt with it, i guess i handle pain well

SensualGirl 11-07-17 10:17 AM

I'm sorry to hear you're in pain. You must be incredibly strong to have grinned and bore it all this time. Maybe that's part of your nature to bear other people's burdens and just endure your own like you mentioned before. When is the surgery?

surfcaster 11-07-17 02:11 PM

you're right sensualgirl, i do try to take away other peoples problems both physical and mental and do nothing for myself until i absolutely need to fix me, i remember back in the spring i was having digestive issues and said nothing to anyone and ignored it because my wife was still dealing with an ailment, ended up being pancreas problems which could have been bad but no i didn't learn my lesson i guess because here i am again hardly ably to walk because in my mind i couldn't afford to get it taken care of and be out of work, as for surgery that's a fight with the insurance company, the doc has to do a series of 3 injections 2 weeks apart before they will even consider it

SensualGirl 11-07-17 06:17 PM

I'm glad you have insurance.:hug:

surfcaster 12-02-17 06:36 PM

Well just as my life always goes, anything to do with fixing my health has been put on hold, now i dont want to sound like im selfish but, my wife just hurt her knee and has too have it looked at, cant walk too well on it and you know she has to come first, so now comes the absolute denial that i am in any pain whatsoever, and its hard to hide a limp, but i can do it, i just really dont want to but you know im going to make it look like im just fine no matter how bad it actually is

surfcaster 12-03-17 10:23 AM

this effing sucks, i'm waiting on her hand and foot so she don't have to move yet here i am in pain with every step doing everything that needs getting done, just ain't fair but that's how it goes i guess

SensualGirl 12-05-17 11:07 AM

Why can't you two split the responsibilities?

surfcaster 12-05-17 07:08 PM

We cant split things because one of us can't /won't endure the pain and one of us is just way too used to living with it everyday, i figure it's just pain it ain't gonna kill me and the other acte like shes dying

surfcaster 12-27-17 03:20 PM

so my wife's knee surgery is tomorrow, hoping it goes well and she heals quickly because I need to get on with getting something done with mine

SensualGirl 12-27-17 05:08 PM

Me too. Be well.:hug:

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