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Phantomlight 10-07-17 07:00 PM

alcohol is ruining my life
I need to stop drinking. it is ruining my life and my relationships with everyone in it. I have been in trouble with the law because of it. my girlfriends have left and my friends have abandoned me because of it. I need to stop before i lose my family too. everything is messed up. no alcohol no drugs. i need to just let this part of my life go.

Watashi 10-08-17 09:13 AM

When you'll wake up next day, try to ignore the thoughts about alcohol. Instead of buying some beer/vine/whatever, go to a shop and cook yourself something. That's how i am dealing with it. My addiction is only psychical, though. If you are physically addicted, than it can be kinda harder. My neighbour is physically addicted and he is literally screaming, when he hasn't got buzz. Just don't feel ashamed. It happens. Plenty of people around the world are addicted to alcohol.

Phantomlight 10-08-17 09:38 PM

Thanks for your kind words Watashi. That is a very good idea. I'm going to try to cook something good for myself when i have cravings. it would give me something to do as well as improve my health.

i don't think I'm very physically addicted. Ive gone 24 hours without drinking and i don't get the shakes but i do feel anxious because i haven't been sober in a very long time. its mainly when I'm stressed out and depressed that i try to escape reality.I've always tried everything to escape reality instead of having to actually facing my insecurities and my problems. I have drank and done drugs to forget for so long.

tigerlover 10-10-17 04:48 AM

@Phantom==good to hear really that you're not physically dependent on alcohol...I know what addiction of that kind means since long ago when i was much younger i grew up in an alcoholic family,my Dad was physically dependent in such a way he was shaking until he drunk his first few glasses after waking up,on top of that a heavy smoker and you see the picture...i witnessed his tremens delirium one day...not a nice thing if you ask me..he finally died at the blessed age of 76=lungcancer...he was a good softspoken man who could not even hurt a fly perhaps,but the booze gave him problems and a bad name in my village...but still everybody liked him..what me myself is concerned...in my teenage years i was drunk a lot during the weekends,in 1970 i started travelling around the world up till 1975,just occasional boozing during that period,i got married in 1977,my wife was from India=31 years of marriage==good and up/down situations...i did not drink too much or too often,nowadays i drink daily,beer,strong liquor etc...if we drink within moderation we cannot call it alcoholic in the real sense...so a habit drinker...there are habit drinkers(at home)social drinkers(in the pub)or real alcoholics which go down the drain regarding their own health...I am glad to hear you are just drinking because of some social or mental issues...very often people drink because they think it releases their worries,anxieties,depression etc..I tell you one thing...while on a high you feel O.K. perhaps,you're floating and on a buzz...but afterwards when you land back in reality you know it's just a temporary release..alcohol does not cure anything at all...it destroys often..stay within limits...know when to stop...real alcoholics don't stop,give them a bottle of whiskey and they will finish that bottle..

Phantomlight 10-11-17 09:18 PM

thank you for your reply tiger lover. Alcoholism is really tough. I though i could handle moderation. but it always gets away from me and the time it does something terrible always happens. I either break something or ruin a relationship. I've crashed my car and I've also got into fights and have gotten arrested.

I do have really bad depression and anxiety though. Ive used alcohol and drugs to cope with how bad it gets but I realize it is flushing my life down the drain. I have great big goals and i feel depressed because Im not making progress and when I'm depressed i turn to drinking. and it makes it so much worse!!! its a horrible spiral!!!

SensualGirl 10-11-17 10:31 PM

I almost became an alcoholic. Then I found something to replace it with (mantras in my case). It's helpful to replace it with a positive "addiction" that gives you dopamine.

People do alcohol and drugs because of a dopamine deficiency that stems from abuse.:hug:

FloatingDreams 01-30-18 07:04 PM

Please deal with your addiction before it's too late. My friend just died at 36 due to damage to his liver. Join AA or whatever you need to do but it's best to abstain completely. I was heavily addicted to soda pop and now I drink Pellegrino (sparkling mineral water). Hey, you may think it's not comparable but lab rats will choose sugar over cocaine.

jameslewis 04-25-19 07:08 AM

Everything is possible. And you can deal with your addiction if you want. But it's still hard work. I hope someday you'll be happy and self-confident. I started my journey 6 months ago, and I still hold on. I read a lot about alcoholism, and this helped me (Addiction Resource and so on). Three of six months I spent in rehab and used Baclofen for recovery. I'm not sure that such treatment helped me really well, but that was a good beginning. I feel better now....

HurtSoul 05-07-19 10:19 AM

I’m lucky one never been addicted to booze but have had other vice’s I hope that you can beat your addiction friend

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