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SensualGirl 11-20-18 05:20 PM

I find that I get angry when especially when I'm tired, like the article you linked noted. I get angry intrusive thoughts, as you all probably know. I deal with it through positive self talk. I experimented with meditation, mantras, as I've mentioned, but that was kinda boring.:rolleyes: Now I love thinking!

"Being alone is the closest thing to heaven." -Martin Butler

tigerlover 01-15-19 07:43 AM

in our life we all suffer or go through mental/bodily pain...just as we go through mental/bodily pleasure...it's part of our being,our life...nobody escapes the turmoil of pain/suffering and all of us can look at pain/pleasure in a different way..dealing with mental pain is not that easy when it comes to anxiety,anger...


H8PPLNDGS 01-26-19 07:55 PM

That was hypnagogic. It just felt like watching Santa giving a simple yet very insightful lecture. Anyway, it was nice of you to share that link for all.

tigerlover 04-15-19 10:12 AM

some people can listen,others just don't care...


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