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tigerlover 06-18-18 03:30 AM

We all hear inner voices in life...point is how to control them...


tigerlover 06-18-18 03:48 AM

what's happiness?


SensualGirl 06-18-18 11:19 PM

Very nice, TL. Thanks for sharing and caring.:hug:

tigerlover 06-25-18 08:02 AM

Talking about anger,depression or anxiety is not as simple as we think..if everyone could just be listening and not judging negatively..
then life would be so much better..if anyone thinks she/he is obese and her/his world is often concentrated on her/himself,
how others see them,the self blame,the self pity..we all should learn to accept anger,depression etc..
as it is for the person concerned,doing something about it is another thing...
if people show respect and understanding to one another,then they will get respect back....


stirfry 07-01-18 11:16 AM

What great posters these are! I especially like the 1st.

tigerlover 07-28-18 06:50 AM

i reckon we all get issues about anger...lately i found myself very pensive for some reason...
i do not feel lonely,neither alone,and maybe my label focuses on loner/hedonism
loneliness is an emotion,but being alone is a choice..it's more a way of looking at things..
if i consider to be in control of my own emotions,then that's a virtue indeed,
if i am not it becomes a burden,a vice,a turmoil...
i talked to people in my life who cannot deal with being alone,seek interaction with the wrong people etc...
and turn back into loneliness,repressed anger issues,a personal disgust about how this world treats their ego,
stopping a negative emotion is only possible if you go 100% for it,either yourself or with the help of someone else for that matter..
bottom line is that a lot of people do not ask themselves why they feel lonely or alone...
it's a personal choice..why we wanna be on our own?if we don't want to be lonely or alone?
then it stays an issue to take into consideration and explore within our mind...
a complicated world or mindset only occurs if we make it difficult or endanger it ourselves,
if i can enter a given situation which troubles me and i look at it with a calm and clear mind,
then i consider that a solution to a better life,contentment and honest feelings..
i feel O.K as a loner...I consider it as my personal freedom...
and i lived like this for many years..and probably will do so until i leave for the eternal hunting fields:smile:

tigerlover 10-28-18 08:39 AM

i came back into my thread about anger==we all undergo bouts of anger...no exeption...
sometimes i got angry at myself because i dropped or broke a glass which slipped out of my hand or i tilted it...
i feel stupid then with a certain mild kind of anger at myself..
usually when i get bit angry at myself i become very pensive and i try to find out the reason why i got anger...
a broken glass is only a mere glass,nothing more==we can replace broken material things,but what about emotional anger?
that's not so easy to repair or forget?we can shove it aside and consider it a temporary issue which many of us face in daily life..
it becomes bit more intense if we start ruminating about anger..
me being pensive results often in not being able to what i say to others,usually later on i feel guilt..
it's probably an OCD matter..anger control is not such an easy matter to handle...
i know friends who get agressive out of the blue..the slightest wrong words turns them into an agressive rage,often with words..
i try to look into myself why i got angry...in a lot of cases it's my own silly behaviour..:hiding:
a link on anger issues== https://www.psychguides.com/guides/a...s-and-effects/

SensualGirl 10-28-18 07:43 PM

Good points, tigerlover. I find my anger has decreased by lowering my expectations.

tigerlover 10-29-18 03:38 AM

Good point as well about expectations,it brings us in the issues and boundaries of pessimism versus optimism..
if you have great expectations,you think something good will come your way,
but if keep your expectations low,you won't risk being disappointed,is it not?
if i expect people to be nice towards me,i should be nice to myself in the first place and set my boundaries,
some people promise a lot and are often afraid to say no,
that can lead to frustrations sometimes because other will see it as a weakness?
all of us got strong and weak points in our character,
if i set my boundaries clear and know who i am or who i am not?
then i enter self investigation and sometimes expect from people what they never will be able to give?
or not give?do i need other people to respect who i am,wanna be?or will be?
i often think and experienced that some folks will only love you as much as they can use your loyalty,willpower,support..
their loyalty often ends when they don't see the benefits for them anymore...
i would state that we should not blame people for dissapointing us,
but i would blame myself for not respecting their issues or expecting things from them they never can manage or meet regarding life standards,
all i expect for myself should be contentment for myself and trying to give contentment towards the people i love,
big task maybe sometimes,but it is certainly worth the effort:smile:


tigerlover 11-20-18 06:57 AM

We all get angry sometimes without exeption,point is we enter our conflict zone and often express anger towards ourself?
or towards others,even society?very often anger issues develop into a situation of guilt,resentment,remorse,depression...
what can we do about it?how do we gain control over it?
is it trying to get into a state of self relaxation,a feeling of counter acting towards anger,frustration and resentment...
i think this is a good link... also check out the A-Z list of personal skills....looks interesting to me..


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