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tigerlover 10-03-17 05:13 AM

the power of music...
:smile:I have been a music freak since the 60's...and i never changed..
I still LOVE music to the core...music uplifts our mind,can make us happy(mayby sad?)but i find that music can be therapy for depression,anger,anxiety..i do not think i can live without daily music,a you tube...i might post a few of my favorite tracks here if the mods don't mind

tigerlover 10-03-17 05:24 AM

tigerlover 10-03-17 05:38 AM

I do love djembé...my absolute favorite for djembé is Mamady Keita from Guinee Conackry...I would be a dream for me to see him perform live one day...


tigerlover 10-03-17 06:19 AM

few years back i travelled through the beauty of Scotland with my ex girlfriend==Glasgow-Dumbarton-Tarbet-Fort William-Inverness-Ullapool...the band Runrig is originally from North Uist(Hebrides)they still sing in that good old Gaelic language...I love the sound of it..


tigerlover 10-03-17 08:56 AM


tigerlover 10-03-17 09:21 AM

Tom Petty is gone...he left us yesterday towards the eternal battlefields..
RIP,TOM..we loved your music,mate...I honour you here in this thread for the way you entertained us for years with good rock music....i'm sure lots of people in this forum will treasure your music...I do...yeah...

tigerlover 10-03-17 09:37 AM

now...I have always been a big fan of Gerry Rafferty's music...he left us as well few years ago..for all the depressive,anxious people in this thread==learn to listen and enjoy the power of music and you will finally realize that life is not so bad after all,if you suffer from scars in your minds,remember that scars are not forever..they HEAL

tigerlover 10-03-17 01:57 PM

my favorite Italian is Zucchero..

tigerlover 10-03-17 02:33 PM

now...let me explain bit about this full album===i went to North Scandinavia in 1971..hitch hiking mostly...exept where i got stuck=like in Northern Finland..I met a young couple in Kiruna(Swedish Lappland)and i could stay overnight 2 days in their place=we listened to this LP==in these days no CD roms..wooh?we got stoned on this music if you know what i mean?it's the Moody Blues into their psychedelic years of music==strange deep going music===not everybody's cup of tea=you either like it?or you don't..but certainly MY cup of tea..:smile:

tigerlover 10-03-17 03:58 PM

I always wanted to see the northern lights..but probably i never will...wrong season==too cold...I imagine the colour display in the sky must be something...i have seen the midnight sun above the arctic circle in Norway,Sweden and Finland...it's fantastic...

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