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Lilyfrog 10-02-17 05:46 PM

new goal,
Going to set myself a goal see if I can get myself out of the destructive way.

1, my self destruction is self implusive so my first goal is to contact the team before I reach the destructive ways and talk to them

2, find someone to let them in who is a professional to off load to

3 use mindfulness again like I used to do

not setting a time limit as I know then if I miss it I will beat myself up

Phantomlight 10-07-17 06:48 PM

hello lily,

This seems like a good strategy. In case of any mishappenings a good plan or method of dealing with a situation sounds to me like a great idea. can I ask you is on you're team? are they all professional? and how do they help you?


phantom light

Lilyfrog 10-08-17 03:27 PM

Yeah Im slowly getting there. :)

My team...well my person I prefer to talk to is my Gp, then when I need there is the home based team and a psychiatrist along with a new person whom i havent met as yet..my cpn. Will see how that goes in time.

Phantomlight 10-08-17 10:17 PM

best of luck to you. i hope you feel better as soon as possible.

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