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Lojo 09-30-17 11:33 PM

BPD on top of everything else
I am a 29 year old male, I recently found out I have BPD, the quiet type. I also have depression, social anxiety, OCD, avoidant personality disorder and can get a bit paranoid/delusional and may also possibly have other personality disorders, not sure. Maybe the symptoms of BPD mimic other disorders. I am currently unemployed but done with school.

I still live with my mother. I never really had a gf or social life and still donít, even though I am turning 30 soon.

I donít know what to do. Is there any hope considering the situation and circumstances?

Lilyfrog 10-01-17 02:26 PM


Are you working with a therapist for it all?
I have the social anxiety part of what you have but I havent always had it, I think and really hope that it can be reversed with the right treatment and therapy.

I think if you (you not meaning you personally, but everyone) put your mind into the right gear and really want things to be reversed it can be. It would be very hard work but Im sure it is doable

As for the gf and social life I think they too will be possible but you need to grasp the social anxiety by the horns and kick it. That too is hard and very daunting, I am trying the way to do that

Dont loose hope, sometimes when youre not looking for what you want...it finds you


Lojo 10-01-17 03:07 PM

I am seeing a therapist, but at this point i need a little bit more help. I am officially diagnosed with depression and social anxiety, but not officially with a personality disorder, however, I know that I probably do have one. I show symptoms from BPD, NPD, and avPD, but I think more so from BPD than the others.

At this point, I am looking to get into an outpatient program near by that specializes in DBT, CBT, and hopefully other treatments that can help people with personalty disorders. Because seeing the therapist once a week is not cutting it for me. Also the anxiety and depression have become unbearable recently.

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