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SensualGirl 09-19-17 09:20 AM

Anyone Addicted to the Internet?
Is anyone else addicted to the Internet? Do you use it as a coping mechanism for emotional or psychological issues?

123Noon321 09-19-17 12:50 PM

In this day and age hardly anyone could function without internet. Especially younger generations. Its source of entertainment and socializing for many.

Enddays 09-22-17 07:40 AM

I used to be addicted to the internet. About two years ago I lost total interest with the internet. I think I did use the internet as a coping mechanism then I found that the information spread on the net is not always the truth, like false or invented facts, faked identities of users and so on. Nowadays I treat everything with a fair amount of sceptism and suspicion.

tigerlover 09-30-17 01:15 PM

I think this is a very complex topic to discuss..in my opinion the internet or an addiction to it can be positive or negative..any addiction has got side affects which we cannot control..because..well..yes..it's the addiction..if life sucks?is internet addiction the real anwser?I doubt it..to give you an example..I know somebody here in my rave circle of friends..he is on internet from morning until evening..even while working he can't sometimes leave his smartphone alone..why..is it the attention,the kick,curiousity,then follows lack of sleep,no interest in direct social issues exept internet related stuff like you tubes,porn,e mailing etc..i love internet and i am addicted to it for a couple of positive reasons==it's educative,i find out about what's going on in the world which is not always positive(ahah)i used to run a happiness thread in a psychedelic forum and ask people their opinion on life and how to obtain an inner good feeling,not always internet related..but internet gave me the reason to profile my vision on lots of stuff..be it music,friendships,relationships, sex,mental and health issues,travel,tourism..I found these things very interesting,distracting..my main interest is a travel blog which deals with my life from 1970 up till today..
facebook is a great social medium as well which brings people together,forums the same thing,wikipedia,google search engines bring us knowledge,we do not need to go to a library like in the old days..so that's not a life sucking issue..if life sucks we go for the questions,the why,why not and we seek an answer,a solution..do we find it on the internet..perhaps yes..but very often the more advice we consult the more confused we get,because some answers often contradict eachother in terms of religious,psychological or philosopical issues..I must try to find more inspiration about positive benificial sides of internet use..

SensualGirl 10-12-17 07:49 AM

I'm addicted to anger, addicted to drama, addicted to pain, addicted to voices. I woke up angry because sexism is more socially acceptable than racism. I changed my perspective by realizing that women can be sexist against men. It made me feel better. Maybe there's not that much sexism anyway. I don't care if I'm in denial. Libertarianism saved my life. I have to replace my addiction to these things with an addiction to the Internet, so I can be happy again.

Can anyone relate?

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