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ferrarisnowday 08-19-09 02:50 PM

A kernel stack in page error means there was an error in retreiving memory from the page file on the hard drive.

If that is correct then the possibilities are
A.) Virus / broken installation
B.) Bad Hard Drive or no/not large enough page file
C.) Bad RAM (memory)

If you have a CD Burner (or even a floppy disc or jump drive I think) the you can test the RAM with a program called memtest86. If you can boot to / access a command prompt you can do scandisk and chkdsk for the hard drive. I would also recommend the command "fdisk /mbr" if you get to a boot prompt, in case you have a boot sector virus.

If it comes down to it and you need to reinstall, but the PC still works then consider using a linux distribution for a while until you get the Windows CD.

I know I didn't give much detail here, I'm not sure what level your computer knowledge is at, so if you need any clarification just let me know!

Mitza 08-20-09 02:55 AM

Thank you for all the advice.
I have tried running check disk, but it doesn't want to run completely, it stops at step 2...
Sometimes I have been able to start up the pc, but only for a little while before I get the blue screen again.
My pc has gradually gotten slower, that's why I suspect a virus. It has also used a long time to boot, even though I don't have many programs running at startup. How can I access command prompt at startup? I can enter setup or the bootmenu, but Idk how to enter command prompt? (I have an Intel laptop).
My knowledge is limited, so I'm afraid I need some help.. :tongue:
I can write memtest86 to a CD and then run it on my pc?
Your help is much appreciated.

Btw, can I get linux for free and install it? I guess I have to format the hard drive first?

ilusionistSpark 08-20-09 04:42 AM

You can get a lot of free linux's, Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu, Kubuntu | linux for human beings | Kubuntu, knoppix, vector linux, fedora core, SUSE. They're all free. You download one, write it on a CD, try it and install it, if you want to. They have instructions on the site. They crash less than the paid os's, but you need to get used to them.

Zoe 08-20-09 05:00 AM

I have fedora core and like it :O)

vexatiousdispleasure 08-20-09 05:11 AM

Naww.. You BSOD'd.. I have a mac. I've never had any problems... =D

Mitza 08-20-09 06:22 AM

Thanks, I definitely will look into linux. I am SO tired of crashing PCs..
ARGH!! :mad:
Now it refuses to start up at all.. Just says
"System BIOS Shadowed"
"Cache BIOS Shadowed"
(what does it mean that it's shadowed??)
And then later
"Operation system not found."

ferrarisnowday 08-20-09 10:14 AM

The BIOS information is stored on a ROM chip, shadowing copies it to RAM, which is faster. It will give you a very small performance boost, and is not an error.

Do you have access to a PC with a CD burner? If so then I suggest downloading Knoppix, a liveCD version of Linux. You may have to get to the boot menu and select to boot from a CD/DVD, but it sounds like you know how to do that already. You can also copy Knoppix to a USB jump drive, but the process takes a few more steps than burning.

The first thing I would do is from the Knoppix boot menu, select the memtest86 option (I'm almost positive Knoppix has this). This will test your RAM (memory), it may take a while. After that I would boot knoppix up the normal way (the default option) and see how it works. Use it for a while and if it goes fine that would indicate that other than your hard drive (since it doesn't use the hard drive at all unless you tell it to) your PC is in working order. It will run a little slowly since everything is coming from the CD and not the hard drive. This will also give you a test drive on Linux.

Mitza 08-23-09 03:58 AM

Hi ferrisnowaday,
Thank you for helping me, again. :smile:
I have tried Knoppix, I don't think it has the memtest86 option that I've found, it just boots normally. Is there a shortcut to access the knoppix boot menu, like F2, F1 or something? Or can I access it from knoppix itself? I've started it up, and it runs on my pc, but it can't find my harddrives.. Is there any program I can run from knoppix to help fix windows?
Idk.. It doesn't seem like knoppix has many programs, though maybe I can download something from the internet and run it? Hmm.. Kind of in a loss at what to do here.. :tongue:

ferrarisnowday 08-24-09 11:39 PM

OOPS, I guess I was wrong about Knoppix having memtest86. I'm surprised it doesn't, since it is billed as being a good rescue CD.

Sorry about that! Here is a link to a place to download memtest86 Memtest86.com - Memory Diagnostic click the free download link on the left.

Hmm, as for Knoppix not having many programs I am not sure. I haven't used it in a while, I seem to remember it having Open Office (equivalent of Microsoft Office), a small selection of games, an IM client (pidgin), and a web browser. What else are you looking for?

Actually I'm going to download it overnight so I can give you some more specific directions (and so I can play with it ;))

Edit: Did you download the CD or DVD?

Mitza 08-26-09 12:37 PM

Thank you so much for your help. I downloaded the CD. The latest version, 6 I believe..

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