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Mitza 08-19-09 11:33 AM

kernel stack inpage error
My dear pc got a kernel stack inpage error, as well as a blue screen with some numbers:

STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x82D2E950, 0x82D2EAC4, 0x805FB046)

Any idea what to do with this?
I have a hard time starting it up. Sometimes it doesn't even find the operating system.. :frown: :frown:

And btw, it has been *very* slow lately. I suspect a virus, but I haven't been able to find it.. *sigh*

Mousey 08-19-09 11:36 AM

As you posted this, an ad popped up saying

How to fix 0x000000f4 - website is Error-nerds.com

Good luck!

Mitza 08-19-09 11:43 AM

Thanks Mousey, I'll have a look.
Running chkdsk at the moment.

Plasma 08-19-09 12:03 PM

Have you recently added new RAM or a new hard drive?

Mitza 08-19-09 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by arthur (Post 321029)
Have you recently added new RAM or a new hard drive?

No, well I have an external hard drive that I use sometimes.
(and now chkdsk is freezing up, too.. )

Plasma 08-19-09 12:14 PM

Hm if chkdsk doesn't work then if you haven't done so already you could try "chkdsk /r". I've looked around a bit and there doesn't really seem to be a proper solution, if chkdsk doesn't pull up anything you could repair your OS.

XP - How-to repair Windows XP
Vista - How to automatically repair Windows Vista using Startup Repair

Mitza 08-19-09 12:21 PM

thanks for checking and for the links. I have windows XP, btw.

Plasma 08-19-09 01:55 PM

Any luck?

Mitza 08-19-09 02:06 PM

Nope. :mad:
I don't have the CD-rom here, so I can't reinstall the operating system.. Sometimes I can start it up, but just for a short while before it gets the error message. I tried running chkdsk /f /r but it just stops at step 2.. so idk..
Can it be sp3 related?
I think the message says something about checking the BIOS.. Have to take a closer look next time.. Wish I knew what all the number means.. And Idk how to fix the BIOS..
I guess I will just have to survive without a PC until I get home.. :frown:

Plasma 08-19-09 02:32 PM

Sorry I'm scratching my head on this one. From digging around the main problems seem to be from either loose connections (from the hard drive or RAM) or from a virus infestation. It happens with all SPs and I don't think it had anything to do with the registry.
Sorry again, I'll keep searching around for a solid solution. Good luck!

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