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TooMuch 07-21-17 12:21 AM

I hope it's not cancer.
In May of 2016, I slipped and fell and sprained my LEFT ankle. I went to physio and my physiotherapist manage to fix it within a few weeks. Then my Right ankle started acting up and it turns out it's sprained also. My right ankle doesn't want to heal, we've been working on it for over a year now. To boot... I've been having problems with my Left hip and currently have my physiotherapist working on that.

Today, my physiotherapist when he finished working on me... told me to go see my doctor and get BLOOD WORK. WTF? blood work. He told me I have pain in my in my joints in hip, most of my back, knees and my right ankle hasn't heeled.

He didn't say but I think he wants me to get checked for Bone Cancer. Why else would I need a blood test for? I know that maybe he just wants to be careful. After going on the internet and reading the symptoms of bone cancer... I could see why he's making the suggestions.

My general doctor is on vacation....so I'll be seeing my general doctor in August. IDk.

I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2014 and did surgery in 2015. I have a 10% chance of getting cancer still.

I just wanted to talk to someone today and get out my fear. Thanks for reading guys. :wave:

123Noon321 07-21-17 07:45 AM

Maybe he is checking for that, maybe for rheumatic diseases like rheumatic fever... If your ankles and hips were red and swollen it could be that. I would try not to think too much (no pun intended) about it till he gets the results.. but i know thats hard

TooMuch 07-21-17 03:41 PM

Thanks for reading and listening. I was pretty freaked out last night just thinking about the thought of the cancer spreading again which is could. In all honesty it's only a 10% chance but that's what they told me when they did the original biopsy. I was biopsied 3 X over 8 years and the third time it showed up cancerous.

If it's cancer I just want to make sure we catch it early. I think he's just being careful but at the same time.....he is a professional and after working on me for a year...he has this thought.

After a night of thinking about it...i'm calming down alittle. Just I can't see my doctor till Aug 8 which is a problem. She's on vacation. That part bothers me the most. I would feel better getting the testing down now and I might go see another doctor for the testing at least so when she gets back from vacation she can see what the results are.

HealingHelp 07-21-17 04:15 PM

Hi! I hope you don't worry & have the test done asap. Put you mind at rest & know you're in good hands! I sent thoughts you way!

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